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Crieng out loud for arena ping fix

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Dear NcSoft,


this is a last cry out form me. I love this game so much it has everything i want exept that one big point: Crossserver Arena is unplayable if i have a good day i have like 240ms that way to high i tried 3rd party programms (which shouldnt be actually considerd at all) it didnt helped i dont have some asusgamging what ever that i can deaktivate. i do not know what i can do to fix thius problem and i am sure after reading for weeks different posts im sure it something you need to fix. PLEASE PLEASE fix it. 


A lot of friends would join me playing and i am sure a lot more people would if you actually would fix that problem for good.


So please  i am asking, as a big fan of this game, you to try to solve this problem or at least give any statement towards this issue. i keep coming back trieng to play this game but again pvp is a big thing for me and i am sure considering the type of gamer for a lot more people aswell, i still refuse to deinstall this game.


with lots of love,


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