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  1. Is PvP broken?

    Low player numbers in pvp, so u get matched against same people a lot.
  2. What am I doing wrong?

    Dragontongue in Arena only does like 10% more dmg, so dont sacrifice for it. Other than that if you do want to use it there is a certain play style you need to get used to. If you spec non daze lunar slash, u probably won't be able to 100-0 someone with a blade call/flock combo anymore, which means you're playstyle has to change from baiting out a tab and then all in, to more chip dmg. Being able rush then tab rmb 2 rmb rmb lmb rmb rmb e shoulder charge tech chase deals some big ol dmgs, but it wont 100-0 someone.
  3. Is pvp officially dead?

    You missed my point mostly, I'm not saying that BM can't be good, I'm saying it just takes a lot more for a BM to be higher rank than the other classes as an example. And you just confirmed urself that bms are polarizing. I have two characters that I play on, my BM and my Summoner, my BM I have spent months playing and training and getting better and I'm usually around 100~ BM rank on it for all of NA, my BM is lvl 50 HM 9, in comparison, my summoner last season (haven't played this season) made it to 85th top summoner, a clear 200~ ELO above my BM, and is lvl 49 HM 2 with 0 Hm skills, while my BM has HM block and HM lightning Draw. I rarely play my summoner, and I have spent a considerable less amount of time on it than on my BM and it has always done better. This is the effort difference I am talking about and why people are frustrated with area PvP in NA. I have another alt, a destroyer, and b4 the level cap was raised to 50 (not after tho) I actually had a better score on my destroyer than my BM as well, and my Destroyer was lvl 42 and is still lvl 42. It's dead easy to play and even easier than summoner to be honest. While other classes might not be faceroll win everything, there certainly is still a very large gap in how much effort it takes to be good at the different classes. Maybe in the top 50 things even out, but most people who play don't care about top 50, they want maybe top 250 at best, and looking at leaderboards in NA....doesn't help the motivation.
  4. The Hongmoon Dream

    This, this is the feel every Bm has.
  5. Detailed Skill Changes?

    Plz dont get ur hopes up, this is not going to change anything for you. <- coming from consistent rank 110 bm for pretty much every season finish.
  6. Is pvp officially dead?

    PvP feels dead because there it is painfully obvious the leader boards are more or less taken up by mostly sins, destroyers, and LBM, and two of those classes are dead easy to play when compared to a class like BM. People who play other classes just get frustrated that they have to work harder to beat the "triforce" of PvP, and so they quit, it's an understandable reaction. Summoner get to the leaderboards too, but lately they havent had an easy time reaching the top top but still get pretty high. Most BMs I know do not pvp because they get frustrated at always having to work way harder to do well and make less mistakes. A lot of FMs I know have the same feeling. Until effort taken is = to how good a class can be is made more even, arena will be dead.
  7. Summoner Bee build time?

    Ur moonbeam skill thingy is just "F" button spam in PVE when a boss is grabbed by a BD or a Des. Bees and Sunflower has a different uses. Bees is better damage, and can hit enemies in the air, meaning u can air and dmg combo someone while sunflower does not hit air. However bees can be blocked by projectile blocking skills, while sunflower cannot. My Summoner is a lvl 49 Hm lvl 2 Summoner on Hajoon, I haven't played it in a bit, but when I did use it I was in top 85 of all summoners. I usually use Bees against every class except other summoners. Fm I will switch depending on their play style.
  8. 3RF vs 3 shin kicks

    Cyclone kick deals a lot. If you can't 3rf, just 3f 3f 3f 3f 3f. U'll run out of focus at end of combo but it will deal more in less time than just 33333 spam.
  9. nice credits

    I dont think so. I'd like to see them add the option to watch all cinematics over again doe.
  10. Would love if you guys checked this out <3

    Pretty standard BM play. I can't stand that song. I dunno, but using a cookie cutter poprap song is kinda ehh.
  11. Need tips against FM's as destroyer

    At lvl 41 there is nothing u can do more. Just get more points. Destroyers can beat some classes without much effort, but I don't think a good FM is one of them.
  12. BM skills being flashy!?!

    Moonlight Blade Online contracted famous martial art movie choreographers to design how the skill looks, of course it will look flashier, they got Tencent's money to back them, which is a lot more than what BnS ever got.,
  13. Returning Blade Master seeking help

    U just what?
  14. Is Arena Dying?

    Arena is dying because it's buggy, inconsistent, and laggy. The balance for effort vs reward is completely skewed with summoners and destroyers, and easy to play classes doing better in general while harder to play classes just get owned by someone less skilled than them. No one wants to play against that. The massive amount of bots, derankers and what not in 3 v 3 in addition to people who macro and use cooldown hacks on their escape or exploiting bugs are in 1 v 1 made a lot of people leave too.