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Invisible Characters on Dungeon/PVP lobbies !


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So, I've been having this issue since the start of the game apparently... Well, we are now on the 16th of June of 2016 and people are still getting the same bug.

This bug happens when you go into "Lobbies", once you're in there, you can see some of the people characters but not all of them... This includes myself because apparently none of my friend cant see me on the lobby for some reason.....


Been searching alot about this issue and still no awswer... 

That's why I decided to post mine here aswell. To bring up attention for some of the BNS Dev's ! :)

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Still happening. I can see myself in the dungeon lobby but apparently no one else can. Every time!


Is NCsoft aware of this bug? 


I guess we'll have to spam the question on the next live stream to get any response from them.



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This bug sucks my friends can't see me on any of ma characters.

My friend actually has 3 characters and he is invisible with only one of them not all of them (all on the same account made from the same PC).

I guess the bug happens on character creation?

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