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FM 3v3 and cooldowntracking.


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In 3v3, when you are waiting to tag in or have tagged out, you cant see the cds of all your spells right?

Because your stances fade and you cant activate them in ready to tag in/tag out mode.

Or is there some way that this is possible?

I find this quite the disadvantage if there is no way for this.


Any cooldown tracking tips in general? As for 1v1 as well?

I already do stuff like when spells with similar cd are cast and 1 doesnt need stance changing and the other does, that I

can track one through the other and similar stuff like this. But when having cast several spells this becomes quite troublesome.


Not only in 3v3, but in 1v1 as well I find knowing when I have certain cds ready difficult, as I cant always keep track of them.


Sure you can lmb/rmb to swap stance and check, but you cant do this in ready to tag in/tag out mode 3v3 and

regarding 1v1, you cant always afford to lmb/rmb just to check cds in the other stance.
Nor am I gonna waiste an iframe to do that.

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