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Some localization errors


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1. Julia's name is incorrectly translated as "Zulia" as seen in Sogun's Lament. Her name is "Julia" and is pronounced as such in every single version of the game (except this one, obviously).


2. The Dragon Pulse in Mushin Tower (corresponding to Act 4 quest 2) going to the Silverfrost Mountains says "Dragon Pulse that leads to Silverfrost Wind Plains" when it should either say "Silverfrost Mountains" or "Skypetal Plains" depending on what the localization team was going for.



3. This should be either "to try to" or "trying to" find her



4. Junghado says "We must away" here (the quest is "Mother's Garden") which makes no sense whatsoever. His voice is also completely wrong in pretty much all Silverfrost dialogue and is using old localization files.



5. are*



6. Doduri is randomly missing voice acting in this line here when she has it previously.



7. If you talk to these presumably female children in the quest "Looking for Clues" you will notice that they have very obviously male voices.



8. The presumably female hostage here also has a male voice for some reason.



9. This character randomly switches to a completely different sounding voice mid quest.



10. Yu Chun's voice in this particular part of this quest goes noticeably quiet at this specific line.



11. This says collect all "Pytheon" Soul Shields but the game refers to them as "Python" Soul Shields in all instances. (PS: The achievement page also lists the Soul Shields from Ogong's Folly under two different names: Primal Accuracy Soul Shield and (I believe) Ogong Accuracy Soul Shield)



12. Chieftain* is not spelled correctly.



13. Soha's dialogue (as seen in the chat box) is still using her old cowboy voice



14. Hong Sokyun*



15. Yura is STILL missing voice acting here.



16. Lusung has the wrong voice here.




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Bonus error:


The seductress and temptress exchange tickets that drop in Bloodshade Harbor say that they can be exchanged at both Hogshead Hamlet Trader Fei Musu and Bloodshade Harbor Trader Jin Gyoli. In reality, these outfits can only be exchanged with Fei Musu in Hogshead Hamlet (the other NPC doesn't have them at all). On top of that, the other NPC's name is actually Jin Gyoha not Gyoli.

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