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BM Lightning PvE build?


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Hey, I was wondering if there is a current build that I should follow that leans towards PvE more than PvP. I read into Fire vs Lightning and if I understand correctly is basically, Fire is easier than Lightning and I kind of like challenging myself, so I plan on doing lightning, also lightning just looks aesthetically better to me, haha. I know there's a lot of guides out but I can't seem to find one that has what I'm trying to look for. I'm currently level 38 currently and I was hoping to find an order to put the skills in because right now I'm completely all over the place. I read into other guides but they were capped at either 45/45HM10/50/50HM10 and I'm not sure if that would change anything in terms of what skills to get. Hoping someone could help me here, thanks in advanced :D!

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