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  1. I had the same error the past few dates as soon as the new update was applied. At random times, be it a few minutes after logging in or after a few hours playing. Today, nothing o_o. It's strange.
  2. If you really believe what you write here, then your work must be for earning pocket money while you still go to any grade of school (nothing wrong here, mind you) instead of being grown-up and having a real (doesn't matter if full-time, half-time or flexitime etc).
  3. The ending was somewhat cliché but say what? I teared up at some parts because I like that stuff. - For all the stupid things Cricket did, and we all know there's a lot, the miracle powers by Master Hong was kinda cool and how she used her Chi without hesitation to save Dochun. Again, I'm (positively) weak against that corny happenings <lol>. - Now, if they had let Yunwa die, I'd have raged. Don't ask me why, but I've taken a liking to her and shaked my fist when lame Failshin did what he did. - I don't mind the Chibi-sation of Soyun and her "second chance" but I understan
  4. You have a point but are also once again generalising things. If people talk about problems with NCwest here, it's not necessarily ignorant to other regions. It's because they only play OUR version. And if they only play(ed) our version, why should they make comparisons to versions other than the Korean (as in the very original game version)? Same for Shiune's all-knowing attitude: People compare it to the version/region they play. Why compare/use a version in your statement you haven't played (other than watching cutscenes of youtube, which mostly is for the original Korean versi
  5. Diese Änderung scheinte sich undokumentiert irgendwann ab dem Silberfrostgipfel-Update eingeschlichen zu haben. Die Beiträge im englischen Forum bestätigen die Annahme, dass diese Änderung auf Charaktere zutrifft, die nach dem Update bzw. 11. Mai erstellt wurden. Angeblich entscheidet sich die anfängliche Anzahl an Juwelensockel bei der Charaktererstellung, jedoch war das nur gemäß einem Beitrag im Forum (Quelle: ) Ich kann mich, soweit ich weiß, nicht daran erinnern den Hammer von einer Umfrage bekommen zu haben.
  6. My newest character: Twist of Fate looks actually pretty good on her.
  7. Der Crimson-Chat auf Himmelsfarm hat bisher immer einen (positiv-)lustigen Eindruck erweckt. Auf Fragen wird geantwortet und nicht jeder Smalltalk bestand aus "Fäkalsprache" gegen die böse andere Fraktion (das englische Äquivalent wäre in etwa Greenhollow, von dem was ich gesehen habe mit meinen Twinks). Ein Grund warum ich meine Zerstörerin dort vor Kurzen angefangen habe. Mein Quasi-Hauptcharakter ist auf dem englischen Highland Gate und dort herrscht - bis auf vereinzelte Ereignis-Ansagen - meist tote Hose im blauen Fraktionschat. Geschweige vom Regionchat, der so ziemlich überflüssig ersch
  8. For me it's only Act 4 I'm looking forward to. Despite some annoying bits where I had to laugh, I enjoyed the Zawei story part and the good guys from the Empire have grown on me (Junghado, the rebel princess and of course Dochun). I won't do any of the group-enforced dungeons even if I had the AP for them as I really am not interested in that stuff (yet still tend to enjoy MMOs here and there; kinda wishy-washy lol)
  9. Yes that's the meaning of fun in BnS. (Or buy gold with your credit card)
  10. I've got my Summoner to 48, past the Eight Master part in Zawei. I'll push her to 50 eventually, so that I have at least one character to conclude Jinsoyun's story arc. She's still in Infernal equipment until I have enough gold for the Moonwater Transformation Stones for True Infernal and ultimately Profane weapon. Don't intend to go higher as I won't do endgame dungeons. In the meantime I'm playing a fresh lowlevel Destroyer because I want to see if there's any melee class I'm not terribly bad with ;-).
  11. No need to be such a major d!ck, you wannabe pro. Or are you too busy rubbing your e-genital after middle school is over?
  12. I wouldn't call losing one's sanity and brain cells "cheaper" by being bound to dungeons and running them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And running stuff over and over and over is NOT a "challenge" as you seem to suggest. That's like working on a conveyer belt for (below) minimum wages.
  13. One of the worse aspects is that some of the early to mid-game problems could be somewhat allivated if the pathetic crafting system were better designed for self-supply. I mean it's for example freaking six hours to make ONE tree sap and another six hours to make ONE Cinderland pickaxe. That's simply terrible, especially if you don't get a rich ore deposit (or they are all already exhausted). Let's not forget that you are even conditioned early on to grind for stuff like Cinderland Thorns and region-specific rewards if you plan to craft your own transformation stones. And I've read that the hi
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