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Arena ground block/counter while stunned


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Ever since the Treasure Trove patch i keep getting ground blocked(blade masters) or ground countered(any class) after i stun my target and then start a combo(playing as a kfm).

It basically makes 3rf useless.

This never used to happen prior to the Trove event patch so my question is - is this intentional, a latency issue or a bug?

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Reported this multiple times. NCSoft gave 0 *cricket*s. So if you don't want to see this play out over and over again play a class that doesn't rely on CCs after aerials. Because it will never even get forwarded to the devs due to the shitty NCSoft team that is oblivious the bug reports subforum is there for a reason.


And it's not any patch specific thing. This bug has been here ever since beta. Now players are aware of this bug and try to abuse as best they can.

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Well,thanks for the answer.

Its a shame that they can butcher pvp for a class like that and not give a damn about it all.

Been playing kfm for so long that making an alt just for pvp is not an option for me.

The ridiculous amount of assassins i got matched against was discouraging enough.

Guess ill just quit arena for good.

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