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  1. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    The game is gradually getting worse. NCSoft is catering too much for whales and ignore everything else. Great PvP, esports was the promise that lured me in. But what do we have till now? Bots, hackers, crap balance, crap optimization, crap infrastructure, no support for pvp, missing class and billions of exp away from HM 20 while there's only a bit more than 5 months till bns world pvp. But hey, we're getting otter pets next update, right? I don't even.
  2. nerf Sin

    Blade Master worst class for PvP? Is this some sort of a sick joke? #2 player on EU is Blade Master and there are 8 BMs in top 50. Not to mention BM is not disadvantaged against any class anymore.
  3. nerf Sin

    I don't play summoner, but he has a point. You don't get score points for heals, only for damage inflicted. So assassin can drop some bombs, do a few switches and then run around in stealth keeping distance, and win by score. Same as BMs and BDs who only engage when they have immunity up and then turtle with block on or run around the arena spinning like a beyblade until cooldowns reset. Haven't seen KR players play so cheap, but hey, this is EU/NA, when skill fails ppl resolve to cheats and abusing mechanics.
  4. Unlock the Chi Master

    Can't you read? I wrote "competitive players". A bunch of my friends, myself included, are waiting for the release so we can ditch this game for good due to the PvP scene here dying out before it could flourish. All thanks to poor servers, no support for pvp, bots, hackers, level difference in pvp, missing HM skills and etc etc.
  5. Wtfast alternative

    Mudfish. The best and cheapest VPN I've tried. And I've tried wtfast, pingzaper, battleping.
  6. Unlock the Chi Master

    If they really plan to release on June 1st then it's a gonna be a huge loss. Overwatch releases on May 24th, so a lot of competitive players will head there with nothing to hold them back here.
  7. Arena ground block/counter while stunned

    A BM ground countered when stunned 3 times in a match today. That's it, I'm quitting until they release Soul Fighter. Can't bear bugs like these anymore.
  8. nerf Sin

    While I think OP is exagerrating it a bit. I too think that a class with double escape and 50% evade in stealth shouldn't have so many CCs that they could directly control someone for ~20s and thus finish off in one go. That is simply retarded.
  9. Moved Game from HDD to SSD

    1. Install BnS using lite installer. 2. Move BnS files from your HDD to the new folder and agree if it asks if you want to replace some files. 3. Use desktop shortcut to launch the game.
  10. Arena ground block/counter while stunned

    Reported this multiple times. NCSoft gave 0 *cricket*s. So if you don't want to see this play out over and over again play a class that doesn't rely on CCs after aerials. Because it will never even get forwarded to the devs due to the shitty NCSoft team that is oblivious the bug reports subforum is there for a reason. And it's not any patch specific thing. This bug has been here ever since beta. Now players are aware of this bug and try to abuse as best they can.
  11. Unlock the Chi Master

    Like other classes are balanced in west? Don't make me laugh. Also, I find it funny how people complain about ppl asking for chi master. As if the same people worked on bug fixes, infrastructure, content and marketing... I don't even.
  12. Unlock the Chi Master

    FFS, I hoped it would be Chi Master and not a lame Soul Fighter which would only fit as a stage name for Soul music artist.
  13. How to beat KFM with macros?

    First of all, there's nothing a macro kfm can do that non macro kfm can't. Using macros can even put you to disadvantage as it's unlikely to have everything automated for every situation. Which is not the case if you play legit. Thus , what you're experiencing are mostly legit players who do not deserve being called macro users just because they can pull off a 3rf combo.
  14. KFM v sin

    You have to fail at least 2 times in a short time span and the KFM must be running with fighting spirit buff to 100-0 you. Otherwise it's 100-30 and you still have a chance to turn it around. As of now nearly no KFM plays with fighting spirit buff against sins since Ice Guard is needed for unstealthing sins and escaping certain combos. Now if we compare it to sins, all you need is to force kfm to tab and it's gg. You don't even need the fighting spirit buff and still 100-KO the kfm. Thus, this match up is incredibly one sided. And until kfm gets Rising Dragon HM skill it will continue to be so. I'm afraid that even with Rising Dragon HM this match up will still favor assassin but at least it won't be so obvious as it is now.
  15. Ground counter bug

    Honestly, don't bother. As you can see I've reported the bug twice and bumped countless times. Yet no-one came to even investigate. This subforum is a joke.