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  1. Please, stop posting crap out of context. What NC Elusive meant is that BnS is not focusing on OWPvP. Which is exactly PvP in PvE environment. However, Arena PvP is a whole different thing. It's the main attraction of the game. You don't see PvE e-sports, do you?
  2. I was trying to get back to the game. I really tried. But then 2 D/Cs in the middle of arena match and got the exact error. And surprise surprise a D/C is an insta-loss. I'll say 2 big fat words: *cricket* YOU. It's not enough that the arena is laggy, that there are more bots than players and more macroing/hack using players than legit players but then we also have bullshit errors for no reason at all and no rejoin option in arena. *cricket* you.
  3. @OP, deal with it. You have 2 choices: do the job yourself or get the job done by others and pay for it. Don't want to PvP? Then buy the soulstones from the market. Simple as that. That's how the world works, kid.
  4. Same situation in EU Windrest. Usually there's 1-2 channels dominated by red faction and the rest are full of blues. I don't even know how this happened when faction member number is supposed to be equal.
  5. Idk how or why but after yesterday's patch everything's back to normal for me. Btw, NCSoft support is *cricket*ing useless. They kept posting me auto-generated messages without even reading my replies. They asked for my dxdiag info and hijackthis report AFTER I told them I have tried the game on 2 completely different machines and even reinstalled windows on a fresh partition. Un*cricket*ingbelievable.
  6. I can confirm. I've tried installing the game on my old laptop and had the same D/C issue. The only connection was the same ISP. However, these D/C issues started like 3 days before Jan 29 patch. At first they were occasional disconnects after playing several hours. But after Jan 29 patch it became so bad that I can no longer log-in at all. Thus, the only conclusion I can draw is that my ISP or some server en-route to the game server was blacklisted by NCSOFT as potential botting counter-measure of theirs. However, I'm a legit player as I'm sure many here are, so this is an unfair
  7. Could we get an answer from NCSoft? Been getting disconnects all the time the past week while that never happened before during headstart and first week of launch. I didn't change my hardware nor software, nor internet connection. Obviously the problem can't be on my end. Now I can't even login, either crash or insta D/C. And no, I don't use any Razer crap.
  8. Bump. Having this problem for the past few days. I'm going crazy right here. Already lost like 150 rating in Arena due to random crashes. fml
  9. Starting from now open recruitment is closed. Note that if you have friends inside the clan or get a recommendation from a clan officer you may still apply.
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