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How to remove this person out my friendlist?

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Hi all,


I got a question and i dont know how to submit this at the support proper.


I got in my friendlist someone called: nanogaming12


I cant remove this player and it also says that he/she dont have any character

I also cannot flag it as spammer or block it, but it fills my list


Here is a picture from it how it looks like:



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Once i had this issue as well, when i accepted the friend request of a bot (just to be able to block that bstart) but they already deleted the character in the meanwhile. I submitted a ticket as well, but they replied that they are unable to manualy delet friends from my list.


In my case logging on from a different region (for example i accepted the request on an NA server, and then logged in from an EU server, but with the SAME account) solved the problem and it became deletable.

So my suggestion: try to login with a different character (first from the same region, it might work as well, if not, try the other region) and check your friend list there if you can delete the bugged friend :)

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