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DC Issue, any news on it?

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Hello fellow players!


I started playing B & S about 2 weeks ago and was soo happy that it turned out to be one of the few games without any lag for me... heh...

Since about four or so days ago I frequently DC and/or freeze for a few seconds. Consequently I've been called "noob" for not getting out of dodge in time. Criticize my gear and honest mistakes, fine, but I can't help this damn issue with screen freezes ...


Anyway, frustration aside: I used File Repair which didn't help at all. The game usually runs fine after logging in, then I quest/run dungeons for a few dozen minutes and BAM. Dead, start again.


Obviously not everyone got this issue, so is there any way to resolve this and/or is the reason behind it known?


It really is about impossible to battle this way especially since I'm still learning.



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