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BUG - Forced out of combat


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This is a duplicate post, in fact its a triplet post.


This has been happening for months on end and still no information or attention from GMs or Devs or even Mods. I myself and others have raised this concern plenty of times over the last 3-4 months and still nothing. It's not a minor issue that it should be ignored, its an issue thats affecting thousands of players as there are that many Blade Dancers and Blade Masters in the game and i think we have been affected for long enough.


As stated in the other posts, our primary DPS on both these classes come from being in "Draw Stance", to my knowledge Blade Dancers only have 2 ways of getting into Draw Stance and Blade Masters have 3. Now for a primary DPS source, that is very limited ad both Blade Dancer's skills are on a 36 second cooldown; Granted we can stay there indefinitely so long as we have a source of chi, either by weapon proc or by Flaming Scourge (not sure the cooldown for Blade Masters). So as you can see, this "Draw Stance" is essential to both classes and i think its time enough that we have some sort of response from the higher ups as to what is happening and why we randomly get that "out of combat" bug. Sure there are other skills we can use to mitigate "afk" mode whilst being out of combat, but it shouldnt be happening in the 1st place.


Thanx for your consideration NCSoft.

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