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Crosshair dissapearing in arena


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Every few games I play in the arena, upon entering the second round of a match my crosshair just dissapears, and targeting becomes impossible. I've noticed that rarely this is caused by lags, but often after clicking on the button after the match is over. I suspect this time it is caused by convenient timing/loading/something.


Sometimes it fixes itself while waiting in the area with NPCs and spamming everything, if it doesn't, it has a chance to fix in a middle of a match, usually just ends with me being unable to move camera and getting rekt like an afk bot. If this happens, crosshair won't come back until leaving and re-entering arena.

This bug happens in both solo and tag, but it fixes while switching in tag.


:V oh please if anybody knows a 100% way to bring crosshair back, please reply

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