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  1. Actually, if the person who bid highest leaves, the item doesn't automatically go to the bidding list again...the party leader gets a prompt if he wants to put it up back for bidding or throw away. The problem with this is, people will throw the item away automatically by accident because that prompt look almost exactly the same as prompt for throwing things away from inventory, which I assume most of people with crammed inventory space do after every dungeon.
  2. Come on guys, kid fell down a cliff and probably banged his head on something. After NOT being saved by his beloved master, he is the one who feels betrayed (and is probably deeply dissapointed in his weaksauce master anyways). He is found by new people, and joining them is better than being an orphan again. Assuming the entire school got slaughtered is fine as well. Of course in the original story it is going to make less sense.
  3. Well, if I remember correctly, some accessories would behave like this as well in the past, but not the ones we currently need anymore, so no need to worry about them. Legendary shields don't have roll levels, MSP shield for example has 1 base stat and 2 random stats , and you can upgrade that shield to have higher stats with the same part piece of that soulshield. Everything else has pretty much fixed stats. Also, you should definitely check out this site; https://bnstree.com/items/soulshields
  4. Soulshields generally have 3 levels of stats; lets say, you can roll 1600, 1800 or 2000 HP. Every shield piece (1-8) has 2 base stats and 1 random stat (out of 3 possible stats to roll). Base stats scale together while random stat scales separately. For example, see: https://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Asura_Soul_Shield
  5. You can tell by the speed of +1s flowing up,damage ticks and the little whirlwind at legs if the video speed is the same. Forum moderator himself didn't say anything about editing of that file, instead he directed conversation to this thread.
  6. I'm not mixing up anything, that was about you saying that old code is SO hard to get - which points at crappy organisation. They implemented training room together with skill changes and a giant patch of new maps and new story line - it took so long because the update all together is massive and planned to be done together, also because the updates we are getting have their own schedule. Who knows when they actually translated/adapted the training room itself? Do you know? 2 months ago? 2 hours before deadline? Do you know when exactly korea started making it and when they finished it, when
  7. I really don't get why are you getting all fussy about translations, I mean, wouldn't koreans get mad if we got rewatch option and they didn't? They would implement it in both games, and koreans would probably be the ones to code it, while we would get funky translations as usual, if they actually bother doing it (I guess they don't have it already, do they?). I don't remember ncsoft implementing anything themselves that doesn't profit. I don't even think about them for things like these. Are you aware that they literally cut down story line and implemented unlocked windstride poin
  8. Well, triggers aren't rocket science... remember how every time you walk close enough to yeti's place a cutscene triggers? Condition to get on XYZ coordinates met. Every time you kill asura and zulia walks to his half-dead body a cutscene triggers? Asura is dead -> NPC non cutscene animation plays -> animation finished -> condition for cutscene trigger met. Chatted to a quest NPC until certain line and cutscene appears? You get the drill... I don't see why you would go trough trouble of doing random extracts when the only thing you need to do to implement proper cutscenes
  9. Coding...they already have cutscene triggers...they already have preset animations that use your current model...the only thing they would need to code is buttons and add them somewhere in the menu...
  10. As my old teacher would say, you gotta think outside the box...
  11. i guess meteor slam is the only thing left :I
  12. Gosh people, scythes are farming tools, not weapons! Or at least the weapon forms were used by poor farmers. Vote for a hoe class! Jk, that's destroyer.
  13. I'd prefer a class that uses a spear.
  14. Hey, the only human race is jin. Gon are the fan-service race;type giant tits+curves or bulky man (why can't jin have manly outfits such as gon males...), lyn for people who like some midget cute animal lolies, yun - the tall elegant spaghetti alien.
  15. This. You really don't get a good taste of a class unless you play it for a few hours in pve/pvp on 50+, some with more HM levels than the others because of different need for skill points.
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