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Looking for sparring partners (Angler's Watch)

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Hi, all.


I see a lot of threads like "I am <insert class here> how do I beat <other class>". I am a newbie at level 35 on my Assassin and level 30 on my Blade Dancer. I liked that in other games you could learn PvP against similar level players as you went up, but not here where the advice seems to be to wait until 50.




I still want to learn as I level. I am looking to find sparring partners of all levels to match up with. The idea is to have a fight and then when one person goes "WTF?!?!" the other person explains what skills they used so the other person can find skills that can counter. And then the first player can try to find a counter to that counter, and so on. Also to give opportunity to practise. I don't know about other people, but I don't have awesome godlike reflexes and the more times I can practice pressing the right button when someone uses a particular skill/effect on me, the more often I will recognise it being used against me in a real fight and respond correctly.


I am on Angler's Watch. I have an Assassin and a Warlock that I use for PvP. I spend most nights playing PvE with the wife, but get 2 or 3 nights a week when she is on night shift, and sometimes during the day at weekends, when I can do PvP on my own.


If you are interested then message Halimax/Halimat/Halimay in game.



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