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Screen Freeze !


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Hi everyone! I have a really annoying issue with the game. In every highly populated area i got massives screen freezes. For example at grand harvest. my game stops 10-15 sec

I have a really decent configuration, i followed every guide what i found yet no solution so far.

The issue is not about the fps i have 20-30 but suddenly screenfreeze happens.

I cannot belive the porblem is on my side yet friend have lower spec pc and they play without any problem, this is the weirdest issue.


My Net

Dl. 120Mb/s, Ul. 10mb/s

All ports are open, no antivirus or fire block the connection.


My spec :

Win 8.1 64bit

CPU: i4710 HQ

Memory: 16GB DDR3

VideoCard: Nvidia Geforce GTX860M (4 GB)






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I got the same problem.

I even get this in dungeons like Naryu Labyrinth, when boss of the end do thier "devastating skill", i send a ticket and they told me it might be coz i'm using wifi but once on 4x i do the instance, it goes fine without changing anything so can't be my net.

I'm just guessing but it's something to do with thier server and loading the data.

But if someone has encounter this problem and got a solution, it will be great that he shares it.


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Oh i know the solution for that ! Esc > Settings >  Camera > Use Reflex content guide uncheck it ! and naryu problem is solved.

Unfortunately at harvest or Bay Lee etc not helps, but probably same or similar the cause of the problem.

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