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Introducing my Brother =D


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Thingy here again =D

Today I'm introducing PinkMagicalUnicorn! (my 2nd character)

He also loves food like me and wishes to give all humans a taste of his chicken! You know us Lyn's have love for great food and we like to share it with our humans =]




Humans some times things we Lyn's are pokemons???? Or their helpless pets, but they are wrong!

We save humans many times in battles and even babies in need of a hand :3

As much as humans are very odd long legged creatures we protect them in need, but we are always on our guard with new humans, they are big creatures and very unpredictable from my studies tho most are harmless and can make food that almost no Lyn's can resist taste!


PinkMagicalUnicorn, can bee seen here saving a human baby from a burning house. He is very brave, just like his big brother!



He handed the little human over to me to, so I could find a new home for the tiny human since I'm more active with humans it would be a good idea!

I took him to Hogshead Pastures, since and left him there on a bed in a house with 2 humans with no little human to care for... I think this place will do him good, much nice nature and handy people in this area... I hope he grow up to make good food to give Thingy ^^



Well, that's it for now, I have a human to go spy on now!

He is entering a cave.... I think I must keep an eye on him.... Humans take to much risks alone.... Best Thingy have an eye on this human so he don't get hurt!



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