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I'm new here and since many person has here own art shop, I wanted to try this too. My all artworks will be digital.

I play on Starfall Crater server. So payment via trade/mail or cross-server. 

So first of all I might draw for free as well if I feel like it. You may offer a price or try your luck for a freebie!


Don't know how much to offer?

We can discuss about this via PM.

I accept cosmetic items too as gift.

I can do bust sketches for 5g and up always depending how complicated costume your character have or look.

If you are asking me to do a lot (for example complicated costume, full body, colored and with familiar) and offering really small price like 10g I might just skip you.

Please understand I'm using my free time for this and when i'm drawing colored full body it takes hours and hours to finish it.


You may ask for bust, half body or full body and would you like to have it colored or not. Or anything else you like to see in artwork.

If not asking for it I assume you are giving me free hands to make my own decision.


I don't have many references of my artworks

but here is one colored and black and white version. When more come I will show them here.

 | X |

I prefer to draw/I'm better at




I'm not good at




Later I will do better pricing when I'm more aware how much my artwork is really worth. So I'm really sorry about this for now!

About ordering

- Post your art request on this thread and offering.( If not sure about offering price just send me PM so we can discuss about it.)

- If want to try your luck for freebie, don't offer anything.

- Please show some screenshots of your character.

- Bust, half body, full body. Sketch, colored or B&W (you may give me free hands as well.)

- Your character name

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On 19.4.2016 at 4:34 PM, QueenOfBlades said:

Id be in for this but its really such a shame that u can no longer have a profile picture in-game :/

Woulda given 10-15g for a lyn with bewbs and swim suit :D but that dream aint hapening soon...

Aww that's too bad... I hope they fix it. Because I would love to use artwork of my character as well in profile picture.

I understood gifs was the main reason why they took it off in first place. Otherwise I would Love to draw lyns! D:


But yah... Maybe that's the reason why not many person here is not up for buying art. Sadly...

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On 22.4.2016 at 3:49 PM, QueenOfBlades said:

IKR its such a shame :/ all they had to do was simple limit the file size to a point where only jpg could be used and no more gif hurray, but things never go that easy :/

Yup, and I think it's funny that they didn't tell or warn about that anywhere? At least I didn't see anything about it before it was already gone. I don't think it's that hard to make limit for file size... :/

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