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helpful tweaks for people player to player edition post.


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Let me start this off with I will list methods for specific hardware configs that will improve all around game performance for most people that have poor performance and get people with ok FPS up an additional 20-30%. I will list How to set the Blade and soul SLI profiles for the korean version that gets your SLI working properly.


OK First trick that will help every one with stuttering and freezing and crashes with gamguard if they are not caused but other applications.


  • Right click the task Bar well you have the game running. 
  • Select Task Manager.
  • Go to Processes for windows 7 (for windows 8 and 10 i believe it is the details tab)
  • Find client.exe and right click.
  • Look for Set Affinity.
  • For i7 processors uncheck all of the odd cores.
  • For i5's Uncheck core 0.
  • For AMD FX 8000, 6000, 4000 uncheck the odd cores.
  • For AMD APU's uncheck core 0.
  • Before leaving client.exe right click and click set priority.
  • Set priority to above normal or high (DO NOT set to real time).


  • Next look for Gamemon.dis in the process or details list.
  • Right click and Set Affinity.
  • Uncheck all cores that client.exe was left running on.


   Allowing Gameguard and blade and soul to run on the same core tends to let the cpu hit 100% not allowing for any inturrupts to happen causing freezes.



This one will allow for SLI to work and increase performance for any one for around 2.5-8%. (note alt+tabing alot well using this causes blade and sould to crash some times or to stop responding).

  • when in game place your fingers on alt and enter at the same time.
  • start tapping untill you see the screen flash black.
  • Once the screen has gone black and returned you will be in a true full screen mode.



In game setting and which ones matter to decrease the load on the cpu. [refer to screenshot]


if the box is checked and circles uncheck it.

if the box is empty and is circled check it.

the rest of the setting are up to you

opt. for combat lowers shadows and extra effects to lower then one.  the only other way to do this is edit the config file yourself.

Resolution you play at does not matter that much as the game is CPU bound and not bound by the GPU.


These steps Above must be done every time you start up blade and soul if you want the benefits. Unless you want to write your own batch file to launch the game.


Fore Nvidia Users Right click the desktop and select Nvidia Control panel

  • select Manage 3d setting.
  • Look for the setting power management.
  • Make Sure that this setting is set to Prefer Maximum performance under the global setting.
  • hit apply if any changers were made.

As for the Setting in general i will post 2 screen shots at a later time.


For SLI users the proper SLI profile to use it in the driver pack but not connected to client.exe Nvidia has yet to fix this for the NA version of the game.

For those of you that had use the FFXIV profile for Blade and soul please stop using it as that profile has been updated and is not optimum for BnS.

You will need a simple piece of software called Nvidia Inspector. I will provide a link to a trusted download if you would rather find it yourself please do i will take no offense.

Nvidia inspector. EU mirror

You will need winrar to open the ziped files or another zip program.

 1. Open Nvidia Inspector

 2. Click on the crossed tools marked on the screen shot in red.


 3. Type in Blade and soul and client.exe into the profiles.

 4. We are going to remove the profiles that are currently in the driver pack for client.exe and blade and soul normal/NA


 4. continued Click on remove. for each profile.


 5. Type in blade and soul and find the korean profile.

 6. Click on add which  is found in the screenshot next to the remove to the left it has a green + i added a red dot.


 7. Navigate to the NCSOFT>BnS>bin folder click on client.exe and then open. to add client.exe to the korean SLI profile.


 8. Click on apply changes.


 9 At this point you can close out Nvidia Inspecor. (remeber this need to be done after every driver update as the other profiles are in the new driver pack). Just like turning SLI back on after an update.


 10. right click the desk top and open Nvidia control panel.

 11. Click on Manage 3D setting.

 12. Click on the program setting tab. 

 13. Click on add

 14. Click blade and soul by bloodlust or browse and navigate to client.exe.

 15. Click Add selected program.



Remember SLI will not work unless in fullscreen as the game does not star in a true fullscreen mode you need to tap alt and enter at the same time untill the screen go black and comes back

every time you start blade and soul or wswitch out of fullscreen. (real fullscreen mode is known to cause blade and soul to stop responding when you alt tab to much or for to long be advised).


Please feel free to ask questions as to why these problems occur and i will do my best to get back to you.

if you have other issues that you might have or want to work on them please leave a message in this post or you can find me on

Poharan Character Suwakoo


thank you for you time and i hope you can do large scale events due to these instructions

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