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  1. tupac sorry was was busy most of the dame. ADM isnt at fault here can you tell me in what way the game freezes if it is for a few moments goes to sub 10 fps or if its stutter as in a freeze then comes back. Also make sure you have optimise for combat checked not just lowering the settings. checking that turns certain thing off to the point of making it a 0 or the slider as being disabled instead of using the lowest setting. kylen what version of windows are you running and you can send me a private message of this one do you have a pirated version that you do not update. wh
  2. kylen try creating a new user account within windows and the make sure to have blade and soul running ad admin. sometimes windows will have some file permissions that show down loading data that the games need to run causing stutter and freezes. If that help you can always do a fresh install of windows and updating windows fully before installing the game.
  3. for that AMD proceessor disable any one core and have gamemon.des run there and client.exe on the rest
  4. on that older inte0 because theer is no hyper threadingl cps uncheck core 0 for client.exe and put gammon.des only on core 0
  5. saajuk run display driver uninstaller reinstall your nvidia driver re enable sli and change the profiles again. once in game make sure you are pressing alt and enter at the same time not alt + enter one after the other like alt tab but tap on alt and enter with two fingers at the same time untill you see the screen flash black and returned. remember this need to be done every time you start the game and want to enter into a true full screen mode.
  6. the i5-4570t is a mobil part you want to use the setting like you do for an i7 since it has hyper threading you want to have client.exe on cores 0, 2, and gamemon.des on cores 1, 3
  7. on the hex core that is a phenom II disable any one core fore client.exe and put gameguard only on that core
  8. Since you want to see perfect scaling here you go i took this tonight still by the same method listed in my in my tips and tricks if any one else would like help they are welcome to it. Green you can keep telling yourself something doesnt work over and over for all i care any more. i spent almost all of my sunday helping people if you want help as well you can have it but you are going to have to be open to trying and a bit of effort
  9. nope sli does not see identical load across both cards in the care of blade and soul we only get 20% load on the second card in the case of 980 ti's
  10. use this website to see how to change your power options then go into the advanced setting and navigate to what you see in my screen shot and set the minimum processor state between 75% and 100% this will cause the laptop to become warmer you at your own risk. reccomended having a elevated platform for the laptop. https://www.energystar.gov/products/low_carbon_it_campaign/power_management_computer/windows_7
  11. @DrDoylock can you tell me the model of laptop now that i think about it to see if it has some other power management software from the manufaturer. we can try making a gaming profile for when you are not on battery to keep the cpu at a higher C state at all times
  12. hello kathead and thank you for all your time you took. in your case i want to to see if their are any corrected errors in the system event viewer that are cuasing small hang ups and if they are at times when you are playing games. due to your overclock. please press start go to control panel in the upper right cornner click view by and change it to small icons look for administrative tools, open it up open event viewer on the left file tree expand windows logs then system please look for any red or yellow icons over the next couple or hours of play you c
  13. mobile processors are a little different as i5's are only dual cores with hyper threading and i7's are quad cores without for the mobile i5 please use even cores for BnS and odd cores for gamemon.des i will update the post according to this.
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