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How can i play arena pvp?


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i dont realy know if there is a minimum level to enter arena 

try press F9 if u cant enter with your level there is probably a minimum level to enter maybe u need at last level 15 where u get u first skill point

or maybe u need to finish the story quest where u first can use your skillpoints


i only know that u get u first quest to enter arena around level 28 if i remember right

could be too that there is a trigger from a point in the storyquest as well


however u would not have big chances to win anyway sure u level and stats are the same 

but u would have no or less skillpoints with your level 


as example someone who have lvl 50 hm 5 have 47 skillpoints

max i have seen atm is level 50 hm 8 = 51 skillpoints

and u have to fight against this levels as well



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there is a guide at youtube "how to get level 45 in 15 hours"


weapon and equip doesnt matter in arena u would make the same dmg as a lvl 50 the only diffrence is how much skillpoints u have


and u cant or dont need realy to buy items for real money

u should got allrdy a purple weapon and soon u should get purple neclace, earrings, ring as well

u can upgrade them to a better version for that u have to left click at the item and then use the button in the middle there u can see what u need to upgrade

but first u have upgrade it to lvl 5 and then 10 for this u use other weapons, earrings ect. to get higher level for this item




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To play arena you need at least level 15+, it will be hard to go past gold at that level so my suggestion is to level up at least until 36 when you will also have dailies and having more skill points, but still the best is reaching 50 and having hongmoon points (and hongmoon skills...!) :)

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You should probably get at least 42 so you have access to lightning rod, especially when you´re just starting that´s a skill you´re gonna need a lot for the "standard combos", later you ofc. can do other mostly more advanced combos that don´t ever require lightning rod, but for the beginning the easiest combos include lightning rod and i would actually recommend 46 so you also have access to your e dodge as well. The rest is really more luxury than anything else (sure it helps, but you don´t necessarily need all the glyph points and hm skills to have fun playing the game... there have been plenty ppl in diamond who are not even 50). I´ve thought about this once, because i wanted to make an alt sin to play at times for fun, because currently i play my main whenever wether i play seriously or just for fun and mess up my rating a lot like that and ofc it´s also fun to start at bronze mid season and work your way up, but i won´t just not play half a season just to get that experience... lol And since i´m really lazy (regarding leveling) i just wanted to do the minimal required and i figured being level 46 is just about enough, but being 50 would be good ofc, because of the additional 9 glyph points you get (4 for the levels and 5 for getting hm level 1, witch you just get when you reach level 50). Other ppl who played before lvl 50 patch can possibly have hm levels without being level 50, because you get them whenever you reach the current max level. If you´ve reached level 45 when 45 was max, you got your hm levels back there and you didn´t loose them when the 50 patch hit. Just saying to explain that too.

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