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Client Freezes


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I'm having a problem with client and it is not about my internet (cause most ppl say that). I don't know what is the problem but when I am doing grand harvest raid/beastbog/plog sanctum most of time during boss my client freezes at random times (client does not respond) and mostly it doesn't come back until boss dead. Which is why I cannot do enough dps on bosses and have to do same dungeon over and over again until I do enough dps.


Heres my specs



8gb ram

nvidia gt 730

amd athlon II x2 250 


and ping 35-40ms


I know my specs are a bit low for this game but still I get 30 FPS on empty zone, 20 FPS on 6 man party dungeons, 5-10 FPS on raid/beastbog/plog. Well I am ok with that FPS but freezes.. That makes me crazy. I would be appreciated if you guys know any solution about this issue.. Also pardon my english.

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