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Hi. I have been warlock and I am level 23. It's come to the point where I've been testing out many builds (mostly for dungeons). For a dungeon builds, is there a really big difference between the frost and shadow builds? I find shadow casts faster but it seems kinda hard to get three spectral orbs in order to use my dragon dance. The frost build seemed better combo wise but slower in casting. Is that all or am I missing something?

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from my personal experiene: stick with dragon helix until you're able to get the hongmoon skill, then you should switch back to dragoncall


the reason is, helix dmg output is always going to be higher than call (until the book), at lvl 30 you will unlock the leech skill, so you can basically spam helix a ton of times. Spec your V into tier 3 stage 2, and every time you hit it, you can use 1 helix. Your 3, on crit, will also give you 1 helix proc, and after it finishes it channeling it will reset v cd so you can use it again, then after everything use 2 + leech (f), so it will give you another 4 cast and reset your v cd again, so you can do it again, and prob by the time you're done your 3 should be up so you can repeat the combo =P


Dragoncall is slow, and usually you can use it 4 times (by combo-ing with other skills so it resets cd) before you need to spam rmb + f to reset it's cd, but with hongmoon skill, you get a free insta proc on every other crit (aka, your first dragoncall crits, then you get a insta proc, but even if your insta crit you wont get another free proc until the next dragoncall) meaning you can spam it over and over, and the dmg output is also insane, specially with time distortion xD

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