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Warlock and Mushin F7 HELP PLZ


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Hi Guys


I need help on Mushin F7 as a Warlock. Could someone explain to me what moves F7 has and whats the counter moves I need to make. And preferably a skill build as well?


I'm currently Lv49 H2, AP 430+, HP 48k+, Crit 2700+. Everytime I try F7 I dies with the boss having 80%+ HP left.

From F1 to F6 its so easy and I hardly lose much HP, but F7 is so hard for me I keep trying but get the same result.

My ping is about 270ms-360ms, so I couldnt use the Time refresh thing from summon, as within the 5s is too short for my ping, should I use demo or soulburn? When I cast 4 on him I run around him casting RMB (at about 1 cast/sec with my ping) Everytime I see him multi-slashing I press Block, but my block only starts after I take ~3 hit. After he cast the lighting my ping gets worse I could not see much stuff and then I am dead. 


I would like to know if there a defined pattern of his skill? Can I foresee when he will be casting the multi-slashing so I can pre-Block? Do I use my Z on his lighting? Also should I use Dragon call or Dragon Helix with my ping (currently Dragon Helix, my damage seems fine in mushin F1 to 6, but I feel no dps on F7. About 9k+ per helix crit)


Please help me thx

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I just beat F7 a while ago. I have 394 AP 37k HP and 2100 crit. I use helix build and play at about 200 ms ping. I'm not sure what i did but i just cancel Junghado's skill either by thrall stun or tether blade. Smartly using bastion to evade attacks and sanctum to help a bit with recovery, Oh timing your SS is quite important as well. 

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You can predict his skills yes. Keep an eye on his callouts and notice the skills that follow. I'm playing with the Japanese voice pack so I can't remember what he says on the English one, but his most important moves are as follows:


One callout will be followed by a dash and multiple strikes, all of which can be blocked. (this is usually his first move that you need to deal with)

Another callout is followed by a ranged AoE strike that you can simply run out of.

A third callout (turtle something I think the speech bubble says) is followed by the Frost circles that cover most of the room. You can either run out of these or SS just as they are about to explode to not get damaged, and he will usually follow up with a dash that you can block with 1.

When he holds his hat, do NOT attack him, as he will counter and do a lot of damage to you. If you do mess up and get countered you'll want to immediately use Z or invulnerability potion to avoid the damage that follows.

Otherwise save either Z or potion for when he goes immune and creates a red circle around him, after the circle finishes he will do his ultimate move which needs to be immuned with potion or Z to survive. If you can survive that move you should be good to go, your stats mean you have more than enough damage to finish him before enrage. 


Beyond these combos he will do a slow strike directly in front of him telegraphed by a straight red line which you need to run out of, and if you feel like he is getting up in your face you can always knock him down with X to gain some time. Don't forget to use health potions on cooldown if you've taken damage. Spec 1 point into your block for easier blocking, and you can consider speccing for an extra knockdown on your block if you are struggling. 


I find Helix easier to play because of the added mobility, but if you have the hongmoon book Dragoncall is great too. 

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