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  1. Depending on your gear, do these once daily Do Mushin F13-15 in like 2min, get 2g+ Do Cold Storage yourself, abt 3min, get 1g+ and chances for orb that now sells for 5g Do everything above SSM, you get close to 70g (including those small quest) + extra from drop and Sacrd orbs. Run with friend with good gear will take you about 1-1.5hr for these. If you hav limited time, dungeon below SSM is not worth doing except for Daily challenge. Last thing last, do PTS transmute once daily. For me it seems like the first time everyday has lower fail chance. On average I fail ab
  2. (I'm guessing dklm is like my scenario) for people who play frost wl with over 300ms+ ping, when we cast soul shackle move 2, during the 4s brand, we have to dish-out like 2-3 DC, so we can only do RMB once or twice at most, in that time frame. So in this case, skyrift mystic badge is very useless if not at all. If you have good ping, skyrift mystic badge does give much higher boost on dps. But it is really not ping friendly. If there is a mystic badge that boost say, additional 80% damage on instant cast RMB, then that will be much much more ping friendly. Im guessing
  3. The next SS after VT will boost shadow much more than ice, so just wait it out.
  4. The very same reason that HM coin can't buy premium services, and master bundles and packs with discounts. NCoin is from people's wallet and HM coin is just a in game currency like gold.
  5. Even if you do skybreak spire you do need to bid for it So it come down to how much it cost 5 cryptogram get you a Oil. To make the oil yourself, you need about 220g, thats 44g per cryptogram, so 7 cryptogram = 308g. So if you can get Raven king ferocity less than 308g, buy it with gold, and get Oil with cryptogram. In NA, they cost around 300g-400g, and in EU they cost much much cheaper.
  6. Exactly this what I want from the post, I am really wondering if I am doing something wrong, I really wanna improve my WL skill. Currently I am using full basic legendary accessory so I have no frost damage maybe thats making the difference? I am playing Frost WL, with 100ms and 80fps in combat with rotation below: 4>2>3>4+V>SB>4>Leech>4+5>2>3>4>RMB+F>4. I have about 58k crit on Dragoncall, and I dont use RMB much, because my focus always run out instantly then I can't dragoncall.
  7. I'm not at home so I can't really sreenshot, but will do when I got the chance to see if that number changes. But actually you guys got a point, I do remember the teams I was in when I was playing gunner runs pretty fast, and there was some kind of crit buff applied to the party I was seeing 46k crit yellow number poping out everywhere when I was doing bullet storm. I have seraph on gunner because that look nice, and I dont intend to play gunner much, so I dont really mind.
  8. When NS is part of the daily, just LFP in F8 you should be easily getting 10 runs in a day even with 930ap. You will need to know the Mech for the first boss else you can fail the whole team Those party that require high AP are either trying to do the dungeon real fast, or they trying to power through it in cast someone fail the mech.
  9. Recently I start notice something strange on two of my toons. My WL char compare to my Gunner char: WL Gunner AP 1084 890 Crit 7600+ 4900 Weapon Seph 11 Seph 1 Badge Mag+Skyrift N/A S.Shield Raven Sacred Longgui HM Skill Full HM No HM Accessory All Legendary All Purple Soul HM lv10 HM l
  10. Holy..... 10 chars, before my boredom kills me, my hand would already break haha Or easier, getting a job and become a whale, you can easily make $250 a day from normal job, and thats 20k NCoin or 10k gold
  11. Congratz to you. But adding the word "on behalf of all free to play user" really bothers me. I do want to let you know that your post will lure many of those Free to Play users to start trying their gambling luck on the chest, and ultimately screw their progression (exclude super rare cases like yours) which then ultimately make the gap between F2P and Whales more in general cases (exclude super rare cases like yours) Instead, those whales who show the results of 3000 boxes actually provide information to everyone (including Free to Play users) of what the drops are an
  12. I personally never bid on lucent promises treasure chest over 25 silver. Don't even count on that 100g because if they drop, you can think like this: trade that luck into a lotto ticket you can probably win millions dollar.
  13. I know you get other stuff, but after seen people show off the 50 drops, I don't think the stuff you get can make up the difference in HMcoin, better save and spend in Trove / or if u urgently need oil, buy the 450 each when they show up.
  14. Sacred Oil is 450 HMCoin on daily sale item To get 5 cryptogramm, on average need 10 Box, which means 10*139HMCoin = 1390HMCoin. Now seeing the stuff you get from Box other than cryptogramm......hmmmm I will get the costume and stop, rather spend 450 HMCoin than RNG box if I want Sacred Oil.
  15. I was saying the other day in ingame chat, getting 80 cryptogramm means 80 box assuming 100% chance on cryptogramm, meaning 11120 Ncoin/HMc, people say it wouldn't be that bad................................ Now we have less than 50% chances of getting cryptogramm
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