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Blade Master Crash And Rising Eagle Skill Issue


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1. Blade Master skill "Crash" is acquired before the skill "Rising Eagle" even though it works/gets triggered only after the usage of Rising Skill making it useless until we get Rising Eagle at 20.

2. The description of Crash skill does not mention anything about its dependency on Rising Eagle. There is nothing in its prerequisite either. 


As a new player, I was really confused with not being able to use the Crash skill on Blade Master because it wasn't even showing up on my skill bar even if the enemy was Airborne (That is whats given as prerequisite of Crash). 

Also there were multiple skills acquired at lower level which had Draw Stance as prerequisite with no skill or way to get into Draw Stance at that level.
Please fix these bugs. They are minor bugs but can be really confusing to a new player.


Character Name: Kuraihanahime

Server: Iksanun

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Actually it is usable.
The airborne is in 2 stages. 
During the first stage you can only use Rising Eagle or Heavenly Dance.
During the second stage you can use Ascend or Crash.
So you can use Crash if someone does the first stage, then you can 'steal' (sometimes multiple players can do second stage) the second stage.

As for the skills for Draw Stance, I don't remember well, but if you spec your SS it will switch you to draw stance. Also your Blindside Q (Blindside E puts you to basic stance) switches you to draw stance. And then you have lightning draw.
I'm not sure at what lvl you get SS and Draw Stance and Lightning Draw, and the draw stance skills.

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