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This post is directed to developers as I was asked by Blade and soul support to forward this feedback to the developers directly on forums.

First of all,I am having a delay problem while ping is low exactly since last Monday where everything  in game is delayed except game chat with disconnects every 5-10 mins or 20 mins at best and getting that famous error 1000 message on every disconnect..I am using same ISP for years and I have been playing this game for around 3-4 months or may be abit more and never had these type of delays the first 2 months and later I start to get them randomly in cross server only.Till this very moment,I dont have any delay in any games except Blade and soul.No sign of lag or delay even in League of Legends.


After several emails and trying many solutions (disabling antivirus,disabling start up stuff from MSConfig,running game as admin,trying google public DNS and clearing DNS cache using cmd etc) as well as asking for some ISP and location info and certain files and reports including ping plotter report,the support sends me a mail as follows:


Paulo (Blade and Soul)

Mar 25, 14:47


According to this report, your connection is suffering from packet loss. If you are not familiar with this term, it simply means the loss of data while in transit from point A (your computer) to point B (our servers).

If you review the results of Ping Plotter, you should see solid red bars (lines) throughout the test. Each of these red lines is a spot where the connection just, well stopped. Either not enough information could be received or it wasn't sent. As such, the game is trying to adjust your position to your last known location. Because the server is always right, (this is a security measure for anti-cheating/hacking) the game is forced to adjust your location to where the server last thought you were. This causes your character to "snap back" or "rubberband" to that location. If not enough data is received in a period of time, then the game will likely disconnect you because it thinks you are no longer active.

Because the loss of data is happening prior to it reaching our game servers, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. I would highly recommend sending them the results of your Ping Plotter test so they can visually see the issue you are suffering from.


NCSOFT Support Team


I reply with an email as follows:


The last email you sent there is your explanation of the report.Now,please,read my explanation:
I have been playing this game for around 3-4 months as far as I remember.First 2 months,I had no lag problem at all,no lag and no delay anywhere.
Then I start to get those delays and disconnects randomly in cross server dungeons.
Since last Monday,I have been getting those lags anywhere in game and only game chat stayed unaffected by the delay.
I have been using same ISP for several years now so the ISP I am using till now is the same one that I used when I started playing the game.
I tried playing League Of Legends (NA server) and it had no sign of delay or lags and went pretty smooth while blade and soul (NA server) had tons of delays and disconnects.I guess you know how big League Of Legends player base is,right?
You do understand that there are actually a fair number of players suffering from same problem I am having and a bigger number suffering from same disconnect error,right?
Conclusion:I believe you changed some setup in Blade and Soul on last updates which affected my connection to the servers and made connection less stable for people in general (It seems like many people are suffering from connection issues on forums,you should check them out).
That means you can fix the problem if you go back to old setup at least and I am sure you know that the problem isn't mainly from my ISP in that case.
By the way,I am not the owner of the ISP business so I can't tell them to just change their whole setup to only suit the changes you make to Blade and Soul setup easily whenever I can.I am just writing simple logic.
I am a disappointed and dissatisfied customer.I find you are trying to conceal the true cause for the issue,deceive me into believing its just my ISP all alone and belittle my mind as if I am stupid.Hence,I find your last email insulting as well.More dissatisfied customers means more negative word of mouth leading to worse reputation of the business.
This isn't but just feedback because I know that businesses that intend to become more successful do care for feedback.


So the support asks me to post my feedback on forums so the Developers can check it out in their last mail as follows:


Paulo (Blade and Soul)

Mar 26, 13:23


Thank you for a very well thought and constructive feedback.

We have created a report for you to send to the developers regarding this feedback.

However, this is not the most efficient way of reaching them. Believe it or not, it's much easier and much more efficient to reach them by posting on our forums. You may think that the developers are not reading the forums, but in reality they always do.

While we'll send this as a feedback report to the developers, I encourage you to post this feedback on our forums as well.

Let us know if you have other concerns.


NCSOFT Support Team


To any developer who checks this out:thanks for having the time to read my feedback and I hope you fix the delay issue I am having soon.





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Iam suffer from delay,lag,crash too

i tried every Solution that i found on internet,and people advised me to use WTFast or similer programe 

and i haven't that problems before silverforst update

and alot of players has left game cuz that 

and ncsoft didn't give any solution to us, they just saying check ur internet,while i have 90 ping, and i have alot of delays, lag without reason

i hope they fix those problems.

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The issue has finally been resolved.

I have not been able to try if it was resolved in cross server or not yet because,I am a bit busy these days but other than that,I am not having anymore delays in game in general.


How it got fixed?


I am not sure but yesterday,I was automatically forced to do a 600 mb repair before I could open the game but then when I logged in,I was still having delays.

I just tried to log in earlier today and it wouldn't let me in as if there was maintenance although today is Sunday but then after a little while,I manage to log in and I find I have no more delays.

I personally didn't try to change anything and my ISP is the same so I guess that last automatic 600 mb repair update fixed the issue?


If that's the case then thanks for finally fixing it..I hope it got fixed for others as well.


To Blade and Soul staff/Developers:I hope I don't encounter this issue again,I couldn't play the game at all when I had it..Please,be more careful with the updates.

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