what way to start a new daily dash

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22 hours ago, Partholonian said:

With 22 days to go 100 spaces you'll need decent rolls to even REACH the end, even if you don't miss a single day all month.


And, of course, with the way this one works, if you do reach the end, you are 100% guaranteed to get every single item on it, which was not true for the last one.

I reached the end last time 11 days early and I did not even start right when it started. It was a waste of premium service for me when they promise me 3 spins a day and I can;t *cricket*ing spin at ALL. This is why I kinda want to demand to get to choose what daily dash we want. I couldn't care less about the night luna.... would rather get more dragon pouches

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On 3/23/2016 at 3:03 PM, Eiria said:

as a f2p, that means you get 44 rolls.It only requires an average roll of what,  2.2 to overshoot?. Sure a couple people will get REALLY unlucky and miss out, but look at it from the opposite perspective for someone with a subscription. They now have 66 rolls for ONLY 100 steps. And as someone who did the first one on both a sub and an unsub acct, failing to complete this is almost impossible for the unsub, and IS impossible for the sub,


And then there's the actual results: I rolled three times today, and went 13 steps on day 1. I might be done next week at this pace, then get to twiddle my thumbs for almost a month.

Did you seriously just complain that you'll have to have a little time after clearing the daily dash? You'll get the freaking outfit, that was kind of the point of this general forum discussion, the crappy luck and not being able to reach the outfit, and you think it's valid to say something along the lines of you'll have to twiddle your thumbs after getting the outfit. =_= Kinda like saying "I'm sorry guy digging through the garbage for food, but look at it my way. All I have to eat is steak."

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