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  1. the symbol is where? I never see anyone in USA wearing that symbol or using it, and if they do they don't get welcoming looks from people about it. They changed Neji's symbol on his head in Naruto for the same reason. that symbol is still too sensitive of a symbol in certain regions for it to be accepted by most of the people there. USA was involved greatly in that war as well, and that symbol is also use by white power groups here which makes it like a double negative meaning Now if they censored the naked Yura or the blood coming from Yunsang then yeah that would be annoying, but
  2. some people can buy things more easily in games through steam wallet. I've seen many people say they would buy costumes if this game was on Steam, so it could mean more revinue for the company. People like Steam because it keeps all their games in 1 place and easy launching
  3. Some of the things in this game just bugs me :/ you can;t choose to do anything. Like when Yehara is asking about Yunwa and looking for her, you know EXACTLY where Yunwa is.... Mushin has her. Instead of just telling Yehara where Yunwa is you play dumb?! I sure as hell would have told Yehara right away..... because I LIKE Yehara. You don't get to choose anything, which ends up making your character seem like a total shitheaded *cricket*. I hate when I can't stand my own character I am playing as :/
  4. We buy premium for 3 spins on daily dash, yet 2 daily dash now do not reset once you hit the prize? Last time I was stuck after getting regium corvus for 11 days with no spins or prizes. Am I wrong to consider this a complete ripoff? -_- Would I be a horrible person to send a ticket about my displeasure yet again about this? By the way I don't consider getting to the prize a few days faster than free users as a good excuse for premium. We should default to the other style of daily dash at LEAST .... because we're supposed to be getting more spins and more items which we are paying
  5. I reached the end last time 11 days early and I did not even start right when it started. It was a waste of premium service for me when they promise me 3 spins a day and I can;t *cricket*ing spin at ALL. This is why I kinda want to demand to get to choose what daily dash we want. I couldn't care less about the night luna.... would rather get more dragon pouches
  6. I can't understand why people think this dash is better. the items are not better, and you cannot restart the board when it's done. so enjoy sitting at the end for 2 weeks because this is what you wanted and you complained about the last one which I completed like 5 times and got 10 dragon pouches etc. I really hate this dash..... they should give us a choice which dash we want
  7. at this rate you may as well buy a different cuter outfit... it's counter-productive to buy other nice outfits just to break them up and use the fabric to buy another outfit :|
  8. he's not an ncwest member...... and ther's a screenshot with the wig price. what other proof do you want? they will change it before the patch tomorrow? I think not
  9. even if the HQ fabric was a really super rare chance to get from salvaging clothes it would be better than what we have now :/ I've had to throw away over 10 First Step outfits
  10. are those prices for gold OR the fabrics and stones? or is it the gold PLUS the fabric and the stones? if it's gold OR the fabric and stones then it might not be so bad does anyone know?
  11. they never gave out a single moonwater transformation stone so something tells me they won't do that for silverfrost either. they don't wanna help us any more oh but you can BET there will be a new RNG box with them in it. oh yes
  12. well they're probably not going to incorperate an endless spin cycle if it's exactly like the first one with regium corvus and look... this was the last one: the difference in items is not that much better except we get everything we pass, it takes way longer to get to the end (if not premium), and you get an outfit at the end. you still et only 3 repair tools or a soup or 3 valor stones... the best things I can see are the poh perfumes and the venture token (which isn't even brilliant or sparkling) then once you get to the end THATS IT. you can;t spin again
  13. How will it be better? I HATED the last dash because I finished it 11 days early and couldn't restart it. I just SAT THERE for 11 days with no dash or nothing. This time I'll be starting it on time so I'll be sitting for even more days with no rewards..... :/ How is that better? Night Luna isn;t even that nice compared to Regium Corvus which I already got
  14. you just necro'd a post from january... the daily dash they speak of is no longer available
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