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[GAME BREAKING] Warlock Arena Bugs/Exploits Staff intervene immediately!


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I was about platinum ranked the other day before the Elo reset and have over 200 matches with Warlock under my belt and I have noticed some game-breaking mechanics some other players have completely abused, or that seem to simply occur at random in arena that are somewhat 'gimping' the class in pvp. I will include how to replicate these bugs where I can.


As for my arena performance, i get about 30-75MS ping and 60-80FPS in matches



[Game breaking] 

[Sanctum]  Tree 2, and Tree 3 tend to be completely ignored by random skills on certain classes or simply at random intervals. Force masters/blade dancers can and will occasionally phantom grip you right out of sanctum tree 3 (phantom grip to my knowledge being targeted). In tree 2 I've noticed destroyer and KFM stuns occasionally breaking through


[Summon] If you summon your pet (or use any skill for that matter) before the pre-fight countdown is concluded, there is a 75% chance the skills ALL of your skills will not respond to any keyboard inputs AT ALL.


[Knockdown escape/ 1 skill] Even under perfect conditions (enemy is ignoring you after knockdown, etc) this skill will not let you escape a knockdown, players with knowledge of this have already begun knockdown spamming versus warlock.


[Mantra]  Occasionally will not pierce parry when specced to pierce parry


[Quell] Occasionally will block skills meant to break defenses, primarily blade dancers blitz blade


[Leech] Tree 3's variant will frequently not reset the cooldown of wingstorm or dragoncall upon landing


[Dragon helix] Will occasionally get parried by blade dancer/kung fu masters despite the 'pierces parry' text in the tooltip


[Tether blade] All forms will occasionally cancel defensive skills despite no tool tips listing such


[Simple complaint section]


Warlock lacks any counterplay option versus the force master class. I am not requesting a buff or nerf towards either of the classes but would reccomend warlock be given more options in their kit such as a mobile variant of quell, or a variant of sanctum that counters ranged attacks.






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