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  1. Their pretty much the only reason I left the game for a while. I don't care about the current balance state/meta/whatever garbage. I just want my plat/diamond rank to be meaningful again and not paved with the thousands of corpses of destroyers in hongmoon uniforms spinning with no cooldowns up to the mid-platinum elo tier before I see another *cricket* real player. This is all I want. So pls, just y/n this *cricket* post and not *cricket* about balance/meta bullshit that people use as an excuse to be bad at pvp in competetive enviroments these days.
  2. So Hows The Arena Lately?

    I was more curious about whether bots were still rampant but k? I wrote that Idgaf about balance changes since I will just work my ass around them til I'm back in diamond anyway. I just care more about the rampant bots/bots that hack/just plain hackers that were prominant around the second/third season of the game back when I initially left it. Nerfs/Buffs to classes will just be something to work my playstyle around rather than cry and run home about. I care more about whether I'm going to be fighting botted destroyers up to high plat then bot-summoners with invisibility hacks to mid-diamond.
  3. So Hows The Arena Lately?

    I kind of left about a patch or two after the warlock/level 50 content release and all that. I mainly played arena and at one point was in the top 100-50 for Blade Dance/Scummoner/WL on a few seperate seasons on (Scummoner back to back cuz the lolnoskillcatbullshit, etc). I was wondering if things have improved since then, since 'The Bot Menace' was the reason I left, when i started seeing hacking summoner/kfm bots reach as high as mid-plat/low-diamond tiers. I don't care if my noskill lyn classes got nerfed into the ground, I just want to know if they at least got the problems with the bots to at least a 'toned down' state. *cricket*ing seriously. I just wan't ranks to matter again, I guess? So even if I get to a high rank with a shit class at least it wasn't from farming spin2win destroyer bots and the occasional invis-hacking summoner bot into high platinum elo.
  4. Just getting a little reminder that all ELO for tags/1v1 are being reset on the 9th of april so theres less of the 'omg where did my gold/plat/diamond go' complaints from everyone. So for 1v1's this is the time to ladder up as much as possible for your season rewards! For 3v3 uh.. i guess tomorrow is national derank day?
  5. Just getting a little reminder that all ELO for tags/1v1 are being reset on the 9th of april so theres less of the 'omg where did my gold/plat/diamond go' complaints from everyone. So for 1v1's this is the time to ladder up as much as possible for your season rewards! For 3v3 uh.. i guess tomorrow is national derank day?
  6. I've been trying to complete my daily 3v3 matches for over an hour and my group keeps encountering this same group of 3 summoners. For whatever reason since we beat them once they just have a member log out and leave the game to avoid fighting us again, making us sit through loading screens each time. Can we like, get a penalty on this sort of thing? Such as the player leaving to dodge the matchup being forced to wait 10 minutes before queing again? This is making things more difficult than they should be.
  7. Platinum rank, more like Summoner rank

    Its fine, after you wade through the sea of summoners, diamond is 99% assassin players now.
  8. This bug has happened a few times only in 4 man awakened necropolis, usually right at the scorpion queen boss. Basically what happens on occasion is that the summoner cat will fall through the floor after windstriding into the boss room, or the cat will remain outside after windstriding outside the boss room. Not noticing this happening can cause some extreme issues for the smmoner in the fight, given the cat seems to be stuck more than 50m outside the boss room at any time when it occurs, making its abilities useless (resist on X is neccessary for nightmare wave unless you got multiple group-wide invulnerabilities). There is a workaround by letting your cat die to an NPC outside if this happens to you, then re-summoning it within the boss room! Please look into this!
  9. I'm not *cricket*ing kidding I'm loaded with enough salt to corrode a car over this bullshit that hasn't been fixed in over 4-5 or so patches. about 3 or 4 seperate times today on seperate logins I have experienced a bug where my camera gets stuck in first person. It's totally random and theres no way to predict/prevent it, it just *cricket*ing happens. It's become frequent enough that I lost my top 50 spot in my class due to this bullshit. Ncsoft why the hell arent you working on this? It's been reported multiple times. If anyone knows a way to fix/prevent this bullshit from happening please let me know. Climbing elo is difficult past 2200 and its *cricket* awful to lose it due to your game being a buggy piece of shit.
  10. Summoner vs DS, KFM, Sin

    Hey there! My name is Therinfloofs, high diamond summoner in the top 50 for the class! I can help you with these matchups a bit: KFM: Don't use your tab until you see them do a large stomp on the ground, spec your beckon to knockdown nearby enemies if used while cc'd and be mindful of it going on CD even if your cc'd or not. After that avoid damaging them until max agility is gone or when they have 2 stacks or so of agility, use sunflower or undodgable/pierce parry abilities instead. Destroyer: Spec your cats lunge and your flying nettles to block approach skills and use them at every possible opening, sit in petal storm after landing either of these and you see the 'dash block' debuff on your opponent so they cant throw their spinning axe at ou to prevent your kiting. Also keep in min during their red spin move their completely unstoppable, you can negate its damage by using enhanced seed shroud and running off. Also DO NOT use your tab until after they;ve finished their grab combo and throw you on the ground. Save it until then. Other than that learn their animations they use before going ham on you so you know when to counter with seed shroud. This matchup takes practice and patience Sin: block approach is effective vs. sins as well. Learn to predict their movements since alot fo sins follow the same general pattern. Bait out their tab as often as possible and avoid attacking into their arm-wavey naruto jutsu counter thingy. When they become imune and start to chain stab you or your cat, use seed shroud to deny some of the healing they recieve from that move. Also keep in mind spamming beckons normal form on E creates a small aoe that can reveal the assassin if their nearby, dont spam thorns/sunflower unless your positive you'll unveil them. I hope this helps!
  11. To put it plain and simple, alot of botters are also members of the actual community, these people may frequent the forums for this game. When said botter sees a bot they made show up on the forums in a screenshot/youtube post, they know ahead of time its going to be banned, its basically like an early alert system for the botters. Now, despite the account getting banned, this early warning gives them time to redistribute the gold on that bot account to other subsidiary accounts, thus allowing the botter to continue doing their business of gold selling. It's not name and shame, its kinda just basic logic when you think about it. As to why NCsoft staff are hush about this reasoning, I have no clue. Just remember that when you show bot names on the forums in your screencaps/gifs/videos, your potentially giving an early warning to the bots owner to move all their resources to another account via marketplace/dungeon bids where the gold cannot be traced and re-circulated throughout the gold farming/buying community, thus further effecting the ingame economy. TL;DR use ctrl-x twice before putting bot screenshots on the forums. Your essentially giving them an early warning to prepare to recycle the account by moving the gold, deleting it, then making a new account under the same or a similar name. Save your shots with names for support tickets... as unhelpful as they may seem.
  12. Dps'd him as hard as possible on summoner, got a good 6 or 7 rounds of super sunflower procs in (as in full stacks), did at least 1 mil HP in damage, no chest drop. :< Bug or just too many people there?
  13. Just as the title says, im running an Nvidia Gts 950 GT with the latest driver. Turning on optimize for combat will cause NPC's in cutscenes to have no eye textures thus making them appear pitch black.
  14. Yep, I know this is doable given how gameguard does localized memory scans and I have done some digging to find out which executable files bot software will use. This probably won't prevent all botting but will definitely styme the flow of some of it and nullify the most common bot/hacking software. How do I know this stuff? I'm a long term dark souls hacker, thats *cricket*ing how. Not just the pansy cheatengine HEXID modding stuff, nope. thankfully I stopped that so yeah. Add these files to the gameguard memory scan checklist: Bnstool.exe Bnstool.exe.tmp Cheatengine.exe Cheatengine_x64.exe Cheatengine_x32.exe any instance of these with .tmp affixed any instance of BNS that doesn't have the same memory ID as the main client Then proceed to prevent any execution/interaction of the BNS client memory ID with the following script formats unless they are native to the client: LUA ASI These are the common formats used for this type of stuff. I don't know enough regarding MMO's at all to help with everything, but I hope the Devs take a look at this thread and implement these changes. It will do alot to prevent the everyday player from using 'off the shelf' bot products that are commonly distributed at least. More advanced stuff, I'm not sure D=
  15. ^ This would actually work if a dedicated coder at NCwest didn't mind spending $30 to buy the bot software being used under a false name on the forums they get distributed on. Yo NC gimme a few outfits and I'll throw a $30 your way easy so long as you use it to do this kek.