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Keyboard delay bug???


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hello there,

Sooo last night was playing on old laptop all's good in game cept the fps drops(so use to them), I get  a  new  laptop today and an issue  popped up. so now on my new  laptop whenever I press a Skill key(Cept windwalking key) the skill has a  2-3sec delay before it goes off, I thought this was a ping issue but last night on old laptop my skills would go off immediately no delay at all, I even tried playing  on my old laptop today and  still skills  went  off  at  exact time  I press  button. so why is  it  on new  laptop I have a 2sec delay??? any1  know  what could be  going on ? because  its  kinda annoying  when I'm getting attacked  and  literally cant  do anything ... why is this issue happening on brand new laptop and is there a way to fix it som1 plz help

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