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  1. Costume winner's gear

    How much longer before the costume design contest winner's gear is implemented in the game? Really like it and would love to buy it :O
  2. sooo the topic speaks for itself xD, wat r the current most populated servers for NA and EU ??? any1 tell me guess wat I'm looking for is: active Clans, Dungeon Runs, SSP Bosses and Quests, BW, etc....
  3. can any1 explain how to get it? I though u just had to get a 90day premium membership :O which I recently did. yet no black feather was there something else I had to do to get it ?
  4. hello there, Sooo last night was playing on old laptop all's good in game cept the fps drops(so use to them), I get a new laptop today and an issue popped up. so now on my new laptop whenever I press a Skill key(Cept windwalking key) the skill has a 2-3sec delay before it goes off, I thought this was a ping issue but last night on old laptop my skills would go off immediately no delay at all, I even tried playing on my old laptop today and still skills went off at exact time I press button. so why is it on new laptop I have a 2sec delay??? any1 know what could be going on ? because its kinda annoying when I'm getting attacked and literally cant do anything ... why is this issue happening on brand new laptop and is there a way to fix it som1 plz help
  5. Hi, so for past week or so I've been playing BnS on the EU Server, Loving it(great game) I'm now level 36/premium member. Today I'm having a strange issue that just started, When game loads up and it asks me for my Pin I am able to enter it , however so as I hit confirm game tell my a disconnect and says that weird error code. Now I did some searching and discovered some guy told another person he was region banned???? so I'm wondering what's going on???? if I'm seriously region banned why did it happen Now and not earlier(very odd), can I get my level 36 Char transferred some how to the US server if this is the case(I sure as hell hope not)??? or is there some other odd bug or glitch at work here .....????? PLZ HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit- Ok soo nvm all's good guess it was maintenance time SRRY FOR FREAKING OUT :(