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Personal review of Warlock


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Hello ^^


Well I just reached level 45. Warlock is good against close range monsters, can take masses of it, BUT if there going to be atleast one or two ranger npc, then Warlock going to die, because that Z ir crap, and that block can't be used when u do DPS. In PVE Warlocks are fragile as *cricket*, damage is cool and nice looking, but when you think how many buttons u have to press to deal damage... I had FM 45 lvl for dps I just LB+RB+F spam, and selecting skills ... now I have to be like 2+3+V+4+RBM wait 1 sec +RBM+F+3xLB+TAB+Q+E+TAB+3+444444444... and etc. and almoust the same DPS in my option FM does more DPS per second.

Lets talk about healing :D That makes me laugh :D As FM I always leeched back my HP from npc in no time,had trigular amethyst , now I have sparkling pentagonal amethyst and Warlock has to drink potion or death :D

Hmmm... PVP well ... I haven't tried it yet, but FM gonna eat warlocks :D sooooo easy :D others has tons of counters blocks rushes and etc. so Warlock on PVP is bad... same as BM, but still they got that block and rush and etc.


So if you are wondering to level up 45lvl warlock then don't :D Don't waste time and resources on them, they are like supports, with good burst but slow and minimal dps ;)




Visuliations: 8

PVE: 6 because 0 defense from ranged attacks

PVP: 4 because 0 mobility, and control of opponent. Tag maches impossible

Dungeons: 7 they can snare, they can buff, but DPS not the best :)


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I just can't understand how you can have these PvE problems...

I'm 42 for the moment, and leveling is so fast! I can kill monsters 10 by 10 (distant or not).

And for HP, just one combo and i'm full life...

For PvP i did some arena when i was lvl 30 and 40.

I'm gold now with 17 victories for 3 defeats.

Ok, pvp is pretty easy at this lvl. But it was really easy, and i didn't know how to play WL. I learned during fights.

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