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  1. Hello, after patch assassins were buffed AF ^^ Love it! I use lighting build, I changed a bit, but now I can perma stealth with tons of other ways to enter stealth again and again and again ? That 1 from close range with instant one posion stack <3 and LBM every 9sec. When it had 30sec. CD ^^' plus 2 party buff ^^ In arena I just raped BM so hard xD he just had 0 ways to catch me xD at the moment when I came out from stealh I came back as he was dazed xD BUT!!! We lost one skill :( R.I.P ;( F knockdown... only daze left ;(
  2. Yup, I came back to :) started same like you and the same reasons I quit before :) come back Jack!!! ;D
  3. Hello, so I've got 2 accounts, one is left alone for ages, and another one is my main, and I came back from years brake like a week ago, and guess what?! My main didn't reveived any mail about please come back we will give you everything! They should've send that email like 1month ago, but now after update they are like comeback we will give you free stuff.. I'm mad because when I came back I didn't reveived a copper, but now If u'll come back you'll get gold, mats to upgrade to beleful and etc. Fair I guess...
  4. Hello, so i'm going to level up 3rd ALT, but I hate classes which got blocks and counter like BM, KFM and they relyed on it... So my question is do SF got counter skills? Is it rely on it? Is that skill used very often? Sorry for my english... My London very best ;D
  5. U'll be able to farm legendaries :D sure.. grind 24/7 for half year till you'll reach raven ^^ or P2W ^^ this game became farming simulator...
  6. So yeah, I came back from more than years brake, I left because of bots... So yeah , I came back and all bots were wiped that's cool <3 But NCSoft should've done that earlyer ... -.- I had 50lvl account with a freaking True pirate , it was fun to play, arena, BW, terrors, having fun with friends and other fun and interesting stuff... now what?! Freaking boring ... Every single day dailies without good reward... empty arena? Battlefield with ravens? Crafting without profit? Empty low level areas and dungeons? Pay 2 win?! When there was only labyrinth it was okay back then, but now... you ne
  7. So yeah I've got huge problem, I came back from years brake of BnS, and I got 2 main accounts, one is FM other one is Sin, and I want only one main account, but thing is that I'm good with Sin in PvP, but I totaly suck in PVE like dead sin 4 ever and ever, with FM i suck in PvP, I totaly have no idea what the hell I'm doing, but I'm great in PVE, I save pt members and do loads of dps. Help me please to choose :/
  8. Pick summoner, op in PVE/PVP unkillable... Easy to play, just spam to win what ever u want ;)
  9. Damn just think about archer animations damn <3 that long range stuns, knockdowns, poisions, long channeling arrow with tons of damage... *cricket*... Rly love to play archer in BnS
  10. Gunner? -.- hell no... No thanks! All i want is archer with bow and arrows not a freaken gunner with megazine...
  11. I hope that would be archer ^^ damn I'd love to play it ^^
  12. Only lazy crickets buy gold from gold sellers -.- weapon upgrading is one of the best here, and not that expensive! Russian BnS was wayyyyy more harder then here, and other games weapon upgrade is way harder, atleast u don't lose weapon on fail, u don't get fails at all, bots made weapon upgrade materials prices go down, so enjoy! Stop complaing and farm, find best strategies to enjoy gaming
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