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Show me your warface selfies!!!


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Hi! Thingy here! ;3



Today at some ruins I encountered many humans and other odd characters!

They looked really funny to me ^^, I guess I do the same as well, since I'm shorter then an average Lyn, guess I look more like a pet panda/cat teddy bear to the humans.

Imagine getting caught being a pet to the humans.... Horrible thought! BUT BUT! So.... I was thinking.



Show my your warfaces you do when you are out in on the battle field, I tend to look very mean but I can't help my creator thought cute+danger = Good combo... I love myself tho!

It's good to look strong and scary, it scares away enemy's!!!

Anyways, I took a selfie of myself! Share your selfies with your warface!!!




- Thingy





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