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  1. At this point, I'm going to have to just give up. NCSoft has shown, by action (or lack there-of), that Gameguard is here to stay. Even if they were to deactivate it, I can't rely on the hopes that they won't just re-activate it in the future. I have been unable to play BnS since they re-activated Gameguard due to the frustrating half second screen locks that occur every three seconds. I tried to just "deal with it" but after a week it was too painful. As a competitive and hard-core player, I feel like I'm so far behind (hundreds of gold that I have not gained from dailies/arena) that it n
  2. KFM and Destroyers have long stun-chains that require you to escape at the right time. BD has 2 methods of initiating air combos. Five Point Strike can automatically knock-up and has a 45 second cooldown. Take Flight requires a stun or daze and has a 18 second cooldown. Additionally, if he unlocked the Vortex HM skill, parrying with Vortex resets the cooldown of his Take Flight ability. BM's can block and have a form of ranged immunity. Destroyers have a few abilities that give immunities. BD has a lot of iFrames. Summoners have a counter where they put up a flower in front of them tha
  3. Implying this happens more often than AFKers and bots in parties.
  4. Welp, every day after making this thread my performance has gotten progressively worse. It is now to the point where it stutters to hell if I try to move or use any abilities. I still get the usual screen freezes every 3 seconds with Gameguard. But now its just completely unplayable and extremely frustrating just trying to do normal dailies. I haven't been able to participate in Arena and now I can't do dailies. I'm effectively preventing from doing anything in the game. I guess its about that time to start finding alternatives.
  5. This is my problem on both accounts. I don't even bother with arena because I know I'll lose a bunch of ranking, which is seriously cutting into my ability to make any gold. I can barely do dungeons but its a pain in the ass and I end up losing dragonblood hearts from things I can easily survive. As a BD I should be able to evade the Yeti's cold phase, even if he picks up several icicles but with this microstuttering I can't even dodge one AoE sometimes. Its extremely frustrating being a non-performing member in a group.
  6. FFXI had amazing marriages and that game had the best damn community out of every MMO I've ever played.
  7. Every time they reactivated Gameguard there have been large threads about it. I have yet to see any NCSoft employee reply to any of those threads. I doubt they'll respond to this one.
  8. I honestly think they should take the company that owns Gameguard to court. They have sold NCSoft a sham of a program that effectively does nothing but hinder legitimate players. Sue their ass and get the court to cancel the contract based on false advertising.
  9. Granted, Valve's been pretty bad lately. They refuse to upgrade their chat system and leave bugs open to be exploited, despite people reporting them. Also, sometimes their business practices are questionable. Still, Steam is a very useful platform to launch games from. I just wish they stopped being complacent with their success. Yeah, the screen freeze every 3 seconds is making it unplayable for me. I don't even have the desire to log on right now.
  10. There are far easier and less intrusive methods to determine what's wrong and NCSoft has to use the most time-consuming. Its a long process of "do this, do that" when most of the stuff is completely irrelevant. And no, I will never turn off my firewall, NCSoft. Asking someone to put their computer at risk just so you can try to troubleshoot one instance of terrible performance caused by your own unnecessary program is absolutely ridiculous. Its your job to build around that and take firewalls into account when programming (yes I'm aware Gameguard is a third-party software) and i
  11. I don't use anything like that. Only thing I use that interacts with the game is Logitech's driver to rebind auto-run to a mouse button.
  12. Its never been a problem that affected 100% of the playerbase. Its still a large portion of players that are negatively affected by Gameguard as you can see from looking back every time they re-implemented Gameguard. Threads would reach 10+ pages on how their game is almost unplayable. Its great that you aren't affected by Gameguard, but please think of the people that are.
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