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  1. FFXI had amazing marriages and that game had the best damn community out of every MMO I've ever played.
  2. Oh, I misunderstood.
  3. How does that take into account players who die to the fire because of impatient players?
  4. Yeah, we need a system that gives all party members a prompt to vote whether to kick a player that has activated the prompt through whatever requirements NCsoft decides (no input within a certain amount of time, not doing damage or enough damage, or whatever other methods that would be viable). The drop he probably rolled 10g on was the Merry Potters recipe, which is currently worth around10-20g. At least each of you got 2g from him, lol.
  5. My suggestion would eliminate most of the possibilities of grievances. As I've said before, a prompt for other players would show up asking to vote to kick a player under certain circumstances (such as not moving after a period of time). I'm not asking for an automatic kick feature or any control over who gets to kick who. I want a prompt that requires a majority of votes to agree to kick someone that has activated the voting prompt. Your suggestion would hurt newer players and benefit griefers because all the griefers would have to do is rush to the boss and cause everyone else to
  6. The problem with that though, is that recently there are more than one AFKers. I've left parties with three AFK bots only to join a party with four. Now, I usually expect at least two AFKers, because not only has the frequency of bots in dungeons increased but legitimate players are also AFKing because they don't want to put in the effort.
  7. Yeah, numbers can be changed. What we need is just a non-abusable system to fight against the bots.
  8. Partially agreed. In addition to my suggested feature there should be something that prevents an AFKer from being able to join any dungeons for a certain duration (1 hour, 1 day, or whatever number seems good). Actually having a punishment for AFKers to prevent them from just immediately joining another group would be necessary to go along with my suggestion.
  9. Again, I can't agree with any sort of auto-kick feature. Friends like to do content casually all the time and if they take a break they'll get kicked and have to start over. That would be no fun. Just have a prompt for the other players that asks if they want to kick. Whether you need unanimous or just a majority is up to the developers but a prompt would be significantly better than anything automatic.
  10. Speaking from someone who has long load times, I'm still in favor of the system I suggested. As far as I know, you aren't in the dungeon until you've loaded. Even so, the timer could start when the player has finished loading.
  11. There should be no auto-kick feature. I love duo'ing dungeons and content with a friend of mine across all MMOs and often-times we'll take a short break between fights. An auto-kick feature would hamper players who want to just enjoy the game rather than rushing through content. This is why I've suggested a prompt that shows up for all other party members when a member has done zero damage over a period of 2-3 minutes (with the process starting over after a failed kick if another 2-3 minutes has passed under the same prerequisites). This allows the person in question to communicate to his
  12. A prompt that shows up for everyone when a player (including the leader) has done zero damage over the course of 3 minutes would negate a lot of the possible abuse from enabling a kick feature. The kick prompt would be just like the party invite prompt with the option to vote Yes or No on kicking the subject in question. Of course this doesn't take into account someone who has to legitimately go AFK but that person could try communicating to his party members that he needs to step away from a few minutes and hopefully his party members will be kind enough to not vote to kick him.
  13. This problem is getting wide-spread. Before, I'd see one AFKer every couple of dungeons. But now, every party has at least 1, sometimes more. A kick feature needs to be implemented. If a character hasn't done damage to an enemy over-say 3 minutes-then it initiates a vote kick option for the other players. It can't be used to kick someone you don't like and it allows legitimate players to kick the leeching bots (and helping the economy). Sure I could solo most of the dungeons now but its still annoying. AFKers are becoming too big of a problem to ignore. Yes, I realize there
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