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Character / NPC / Mob names all disappeared!


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Not sure why this is happening but I cannot see anyones names without me clicking on them.  and its just for my warlock.  I can see other peoples names on my other characters but just not my warlock.

Can anyone please help?

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Hi. I have ame problem. Since two weeks I noticed that Character / NPC / Mob names all disappeared . Especially as I come to the dungeons from cross server . But as I play normally on normal locations or when I change character to another also it happens . Subtitles disappear for a while and then they appear and disappear again . I repaired launcher twice and reinstalled the game on SSD dysk but the problem not disappeared.

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don't know if you found a solution to your troubles. If you have a Nvidia Video card, I may have the solution :


- Right click on your desktop and open the Nvidia configuration pannel

- Menu 3D settings > tab "program settings"

- Click on Add and select the Client.exe file in the game directory

- Select your graphic card

- Scroll down to the option "Antialiasing - Mode" and change it to "Controlled by application"


This should be fixed when you restart your game :) Hope it will !


NB : sorry if some words are note quite exactly the same in your configuration pannel 'cos i'm french ;)




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