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  1. Uncheck the odd cores for the client.exe and select only the odd cores for the gamemon.des.
  2. Downgrade ur Nvidia Driver and then upgrade it again. It will re-install all the profiles.
  3. Well, thanks for your precisions :) Indeed, I tried many many tricks to resolve my FPS stuttering and none of them worked for me. I read somewhere that the asian clients were better than ours, so I've downloaded the TW client and installed it. And DAMN, no FPS stuttering AT ALL !! I'd really like to know what are the differences between those 2 clients to make such a huge improvement on my FPS ??
  4. OOOh yeah thank you ! Didn't have the good version :)
  5. Thanks for this solution, i'm trying to apply it hense none of the other tricks I found worked for me. But, I must be stupid or blind coz' I can't even find the "Power User" menu you mentionned ! :o Would you mind screenshoting it ?
  6. I just wanted to add my 2 cents on this topic, as the OP mentionned the Blade Master and Blade Dancers are not martial art classes !! Sorry but the use of saber IS actually part of martial arts ! Even the Force Master who don't use magic but the Chi Forces to generate fire and ice spells. To me, the only classes who are not martials are Destroyer (too brutal) and Summoner (totally wtf :D). For my opinion, a gunner would not feel out of place since it exists in the game already. Is it a martial art ? To me it's not, but it seems that school of "gunners" appeared in the SF patch, so
  7. XD tu m'as tué !! c'est exactement ça :D
  8. Thank you for this amazing work and for sharing it with us !
  9. Non mais tkt pas, il a cru qu'il avait le monopole pour savoir ce qui est beau ou moche en ce monde...
  10. Hi, I don't understand because on the game start in January there actually WAS the option to disable this thing !! Which I turned out immediately so I don't have this trouble anymore. But, someone asked the same question on the FR Forum and I can't find the option anymore !!! I thought, am I blind or something and then found this thread. The option may have disappeared, I don't know why... Hope this will be fixed soon.
  11. Hello à tous, bravo pour tous vos persos, il y en a une variété impressionnante :) Comme je suis en retard, je fais d'une pierre 4 coups et vous présente dans l'ordre Ma Lyn Blade Dancer, Mon Assassine, Ma Force Master et Ma petite dernière la Destro. Elles sont toutes sur Dokumo !
  12. Toutafay ! les Lyns postées ici sont toutes très différentes, (moi perso je ne les trouve pas toutes jolies mais c'est une question de goût) et c'est justement cette variété qui est géniale à voir :) Alors ne nous enflammons pas pour un "troll", et continuez de poster vos petites créatures !! Moi j'adore faire un petit tour sur ce post pour voir les créations des autres joueurs :)
  13. Surtout que sa Lyn à lui franchement elle casse pas des briques ...
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