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Unable to talk + more bugs/lag lately


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With the newer expansions and maintenances going on, more and more bugs have been occurring in the game.


1) The biggest one right now is a bug where you cannot talk at all to anyone or see anyone talking, cannot join a party in 24 man, or do anything with others. Sometimes this is fixed by relogging. Sometimes though, it's not and it affects everyone. I'm on Soha server and for over 5 hours now no one has been able to talk to each other except in nearby chat. All other chats are broken.


2) Then there's the bug where when auction comes up it's stuck at the top of the screen and you can't pull it down, so you can't see who's bidding, how much is being bid or sometimes you aren't able to bid at all.


3) Another bug, which I've seen is when I go cross server dungeon and the party fills up, it counts down to 0 to head into the dungeon and then, all the sudden it freezes there for a few seconds, before starting the countdown all over again. Sometimes doing this several times in a row even though no one has left or done anything.


4) Sometimes in game as well, there will be missing floors or places where the textures and such don't load properly. Thus, if you happen to be on the area without a floor, you will either fall infinitely or until it loads, or you will fall and get stuck.


5) To make things worse, the new expansion is has now made the game so laggy that I'm actually lagging and freezing constantly during arena now, something that never happened before. I find with every maintenance and expansion the lag worsens, the game itself worsens, and everyone I've encountered is having the same problem.


There's several more bugs lurking around but that's just to name a few.

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