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  1. It's honestly my first time for being an actual guild leader. My guild is only a month old but I'm having problems with getting people to do things together or getting them to stay. We were doing great the first few weeks, but things have changed and a lot of people are getting burnt out of the game making the guild very quiet. I've been trying to recruit people and asking on any related websites for people to join but it's hard and we won't be merging anytime soon. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get good players and keep them?
  2. I'm the kind of guy who is often ping-ponged between 3 terrors at once, several times a day. +1 to getting rid of, or nerfing the hell out of these things.
  3. Somewhere very high up in cold storage, it's a bit of a secret with my clan. ;3
  4. Yeah this has always been a huge bug they need to fix.
  5. I personally would like a cute little bulbari to follow me around along with the kitty I have already. :P
  6. Too many copy/paste retextures and it is highly disappointing and annoying. They need to come out with new things already.
  7. I don't know if this is true or not, but someone told me that in the Korean server they are the worst legendaries and that the best one for summoner will come out soon. I'm wondering now if it's even worth my time getting Baleful/Seraph or if I should wait for other legendaries to come out.
  8. I prefer PVE since PVP has become utter trash. :P I only brought up sunflower because that can also help to determine what I should use.
  9. If you're on Soha I'm more than happy to help you out. :P
  10. I believe they said this will happen eventually in one of the streams.
  11. what I want to know is how anyone can have time for more than 40 dailys... i rather not have this implemented because a lot of people will never sleep ...
  12. Especially with 24 man's like Poharan and Mystery Man, even with 574 AP as a summoner I struggle to get enough credit due to the many +600APs there with me 1 shotting him. This is just not realistic or helpful in any manner and unfair to those who aren't even at this level. I've already made a post on how to help lower level characters:
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