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Banned and CS refusal to help?

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3/2/2016 I attempted to log into my account and it said account locked for suspicious activity okay cool they just locked my account for this last week and unlocked it after giving them my name address last 4 of credit card saying it was a mistake simple right? wrong. This time they are refusing it stating that I have used a 3rd party program. I've logged on once since they unlocked my account last week and prior to that I only logged on twice as I was bored wit the game and just waiting for the new patch..


I use 2 programs, Pingzapper which is just like wtfast as well as SweetFX neither of which are against the TOS.
I'm also Rank 10 premium user who purchased the Master Pack. I just checked my CC statement and I have spent 1500 USD on costumes for my character as well as some of my friends. 

Why in the world would I risk my account with all of this? This is not a small amount of money.
The least CS could do is give me a REAL answer and not some auto generated response that they copy and paste. That is extremely rude.

I would like this to be further looked into but I'm not sure how to go about doing that, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


I'm afraid at this point my only option would be to speak with my bank and request a refund/charge back showing them the useless support tickets, this is not something I would like to do as I really enjoy this game and NCSOFT is an... okay company when it wants to be lol.


Please help : (

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