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Game Works when it wants


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Title pretty much explains it all.  Game plays great when it wants to I played two days ago just fine now I can't.  This game seems to go through cycles of crashing and just other times won't start at all.  I'm done reinstalling the game several times now.  I've been quiet until now but now it is time to call the developers out.  You seem to have no problem pushing out content to this game but the forums are plagued with instability issues since day one and beta. Yet still nothing has been done to resolve these issues.  You have the tools and testimonies to research this problem but fail to do so (at least that is what it seems so far).


When I'm able to play the game it is a great game and would like to continue playing this game in fact if the game was more stable I would have subscribed already.  I will still try to get the game to work but you as developers of this game have got to help us out.  I see very little interaction in the forums from developers or any form of administration answering questions.  With a game that has been out a month now you would think that listening to player feedback would be extremely important.  I understand that the game is free to play but in order to attract paying customers you have to have a working game.  This post is in no way berating the developers but rather calling to attention severe instability issues with this game.  I will post my observations thus far:


Game in task manager runs two separate instances after last patch.  Since this patch the game crashing has become more frequent than ever before.  I would post a proper bug report but it seems useless since this issue is completely random.  I have done research on my end and I can't find what is causing the issue this is the only game that does this so I know its not my setup but I will post it anyways:


Intel Core i7 980X

EVGA X58 Classified 3 Mainboard

24GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM

MSI GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 Two monitors in extended DVI and HDMI

Corsair Force 256GB SSD

2x WD Digital 1TB Drives


If you need a dxdiag just ask.

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