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  1. Threat For every Class pls, Sick of VT

    While agree that ranged classes need a way to generate threat it comes down to the raid group. I'm a Warlock and I'm tanking Asura with not too many issues. This is because my raid understands that my dps maybe be limited at times. So what we do is during the soulburn everyone runs minimal dps to allow me to get the threat and hold it. After that if I had to try hard to get orbs because of rng spawn issues I tell my raid group i'm not dpsing and everyone cuts back. Mostly everyone tries not to go over 120k unless I tell them its ok. Use your threat candies and get your raid group in line. Communication is key set a dps threshold and no one goes over that. It works for my group it might work for your's too.
  2. High AP Hypocrisy

    This is going to continually to be a problem as this is just a case of the big fish vs the little fish. Part of this problem is people are still trying to justify AP = player's skill and dps and in all reality it doesn't. DPS is influenced by crit chance, crit dmg, and elemental dmg AP believe it or not once over 900 just doesn't yield as much ie diminishing returns at least from my experience. With that being said some of you lower AP players do have to understand that some dungeons do require at least a certain level AP of the entire group to clear. I was on my alt yesterday she's a gunner at 900ap with some elemental fire gear. I asked for 800ap in an EC run got a few players around 850 and two at about 750-775 I figured sure why not I do about 40k dps sustained and with high burst dmg when I blow my tab. Needless to say we completed it however Zakhan showed -2 sec which means our dps was subpar. We may have completed it but a gunner just does not tank even though I had to the entire fight :( . With all that being said if I'm on my main warlock I'll take just about anyone because I know I can recover the group if we mess up mechanics or something. The main reason why people ask for high AP is because with higher AP there is more chance to recover the fight if mechanics are messed up think of it like a buffer or they just want to get the dungeon done quickly. So for all the lower AP players out there don't get discouraged and don't think that all high AP players are snobs most of us aren't snobs and some of us are willing to help lower players just because we've all been there before. I usually create parties with what I think reasonable is AP DT 800ap (probably bringing this down to 750 since there are no mech), EC 800ap, NF 850ap, NS 900ap, ITF and EL 950-1k (until I feel the community has the mechanics down). What all this means is a good party leader knows their group composition and most of the time should be able to take one or sometimes two lower AP players and still clear and with the extra confidence bonus in the big 4 dungeons AP I don't care too much about atm.
  3. For those of you planning to quit to RO...

    First of all you can't judge a game by it's CBT to begin with. I've played the CBT and this is my opinion so far Pros: If you like the MMO trinity and Asian theme this is the game for you. It's a seamless open world as in no loading screens for changing zones only for dungeons. I can fly from one end of the map to the next with no loading screens. You can fly! Not glide but actually fly! Classes are more defined to specific tasks and well balanced i.e. Spiritshaper has low dps but incredible healing. Tons of content. You are rewarded for playing i.e. login rewards You can go afk and gain experience the Hot Springs if anyone that has played knows what I'm talking about. Guilds Guilds Guilds this game is extremely guild orientated build up your guild base. Character housing coming soon Relationship and marriage system Job system Character customization is more in depth than BnS you can make your own color and has more options Game is stable had no problems Server is stable Lots of outfits plus you can mix outfit pieces create your own per se Cons: Its not BnS in terms of combat its just slower GFX will never be as detailed as BnS within the given future Game doesn't seem to handle multiple inputs no more than two or three keys pressed it seems Game grind starts relatively early around level 35 cap is at 79 Experience quest holes while leveling as in you can't do next quest till like level 45 and you just reached level 41 Story quests and quests in general seem to lack in giving xp making leveling kind of boring instead major xp is gained through dungeons and dailies XP requirements jump high extremely early I'm level 44 and my xp required is over 3 million note each quest gives about 30k max except for dungeons and dailies Conclusions: This game is not BnS nor a BnS copycat so stop saying that. This game reminds me more of Tera and its combat system as well as questing system. I'm not going to quit BnS because I have put too much work into it and I like the combat. However, I'm prefer to play more traditional MMOs so RO will eat up a good deal of time away from BnS. The game is more stable in terms of network connectivity and its engine is optimized to work with pretty much any system out there. So if you like a good traditional MMO and the Asian theme give it a try when the open beta begins.
  4. More Evidence of Winning Design Being Copied

    Wow this is getting sad do you people have nothing better to do but to criticize someone's work and then say oh they are plagiarizing. From game to game I have seen the exact same styles of costume especially in these anime games. And this whole Alice plagiarism deal well the outfit is called Wonderland is it not. See this is why everything gets censored in the states is because of people like this. You automatically assume that its plagiarism and go through and create an elaborate story to say how it is plagiarism. Why can't you people just leave things alone and play the game as is. I have played several MMOs and this is by far the most sour community I have ever seen which is why this game is failing not because of NCSoft. If you don't like it then play elsewhere I enjoy this game and its nice to see the creativity in the costumes. Until anyone from the proposed plagiarism comes to NCSoft and says "Hey this copyright infringement" shut up and leave it alone. It is not your job to do the job of the NCSoft legal department so just leave matters that honestly don't concern you alone. This game is great but this community is slowly destroying it.
  5. why is zulia censored?

    I really don't see the problem with this change I think its better because when she started to dance around and run in her old outfit I thought they were going to tear from her chest at one point. Her old outfit was appealing to the eyes but every impractical and yes I understand this is game that is for mature players. I do hope that we see her original outfit in the future for us to be able to purchase as I have seen so many screen shots from KR that have it. As long as my current outfits/swimsuits that I paid money for don't get censored then I'm ok. Yes, it's sad to see Zulia's massive ta tas go (they are still pretty big) but its for the better I think.
  6. Why the negativity about server merging ?

    I'm really not sure why everyone thinks a server merge is a bad thing. If you honestly thought BnS was going to keep all its players for it's life you are sadly mistaken. The server merge A. is not really a merge but rather a merging of the instances that each server creates. B. if this was a true server merge we would still be down because when you merge servers you merge the databases. What they did was group the servers together via routing and probably some physical connections. For those that say the game is dying I wouldn't really say that it's a bit slow atm and is down from its release but so far it seems it is following the typical f2p mmo path with its ups and downs. I have seen games come back from the brink of death and turn into some of the best games played. Its only 6 months into its life and we have much more content to go. Lastly we players make the game what it is supposed to be and with such a sour community it's no wonder NCSoft doesn't really want much to do with this game. You ask for the merge and you complain you ask for content then you complain its too much. Does anyone in this community know what it is to be a game developer and work with deadlines that they work with? Do you know how much actually goes into developing a game and then maintaining that game after its launch? On top of that if you think that NCSoft is just maintaining this game you are sadly mistaken. Developers are always working on the next best thing so Team Bloodlust is already working on their next game. NCSoft has already stated they are working on a prequelish type to BnS. Yes, the game has faults but is there any game out there that doesn't. Either be part of the solution by giving them constructive feedback and then they just may start listening to you or don't say anything at all. Call me a sympathizer or whatever but its the truth. Would you want your team working with a community that is as sour as this one? Most likely not.
  7. Game is almost completely ruined...

  8. Unexplained massive lag after 3/9 patch

    This is that stutter that everyone is currently talking about I suggest reviewing those threads there are plenty :)
  9. When it comes to drivers for me its a don't fix it if it's not broken lol.
  10. The most recent Nvidia drivers cause major issues 364.47 or whatever it was. I have 362 myself and I still get this same problem and it literally occurred after the last update. So far I've only seen Nvidia responses it would be nice to see if AMD cards are affected by this as well. It's possible it could be a driver issue and it feels like it either driver stalls or crashes all together so far it seems like a stall then recovers. However, I did reduce some of the stuttering by moving my game to the primary OS drive granted its an SSD. I know it was a problem with getting Archeage to run if the game wasn't on the same drive as the launcher. It's definitely graphics related but it seems like how the game communicates with the graphics driver. I have seen this issue with NVidia before and it was fixed via a driver. Whatever you do not download the current driver if you have an older one just wait for the next one. All you can really do is just increase your baseline FPS by reducing some eyecandy. The game has some fairly serious stability issues and getting the game to work can be a struggle at times. Most problems are being caused by that stupid Gameguard (which has always been garbage) why can't they use something else or I don't know just play the game or recruit some GMs to ban the bots. I could keep going but I'll stop there.
  11. So, that was short lived. Error 4049

    Confirmed this is the file causing the problem use the provided link from mediafire and just swap the "npgg9x.des" file. extract file from here
  12. I have noticed the second client as well and this is pretty much from when the game launches when it works lol. This second client from my observations uses memory and quite a bit as well but uses no CPU power.
  13. Game Works when it wants

    Title pretty much explains it all. Game plays great when it wants to I played two days ago just fine now I can't. This game seems to go through cycles of crashing and just other times won't start at all. I'm done reinstalling the game several times now. I've been quiet until now but now it is time to call the developers out. You seem to have no problem pushing out content to this game but the forums are plagued with instability issues since day one and beta. Yet still nothing has been done to resolve these issues. You have the tools and testimonies to research this problem but fail to do so (at least that is what it seems so far). When I'm able to play the game it is a great game and would like to continue playing this game in fact if the game was more stable I would have subscribed already. I will still try to get the game to work but you as developers of this game have got to help us out. I see very little interaction in the forums from developers or any form of administration answering questions. With a game that has been out a month now you would think that listening to player feedback would be extremely important. I understand that the game is free to play but in order to attract paying customers you have to have a working game. This post is in no way berating the developers but rather calling to attention severe instability issues with this game. I will post my observations thus far: Game in task manager runs two separate instances after last patch. Since this patch the game crashing has become more frequent than ever before. I would post a proper bug report but it seems useless since this issue is completely random. I have done research on my end and I can't find what is causing the issue this is the only game that does this so I know its not my setup but I will post it anyways: Intel Core i7 980X EVGA X58 Classified 3 Mainboard 24GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM MSI GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 Two monitors in extended DVI and HDMI Corsair Force 256GB SSD 2x WD Digital 1TB Drives If you need a dxdiag just ask.
  14. This has started happening after the most recent patch we had. I would log in do my daily spin and as soon as I hit the spin button it crashes for me. After the hour has passed I would do it again and run into the same problem. This is only since the recent patch. I did notice something new as well BnS is running twice in the task manager one with cpu usage and the other not. The thing is both are using memory while this is not a problem for the 24GB of RAM I have installed this could point to a potential memory leak or addressing issue. I tried submitting a report after it crashed but that crashed as well lol (Don't think it has ever worked since I started playing). Now I read that Razer services are causing issues is it possible that the Logitech gaming app is doing the same as well. I can give a dxdiag if needed. Specs are as follows: CPU Intel Core i7 980X 24GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM Corsair Force FX SSD 256GB 3 x 1 TB WD Drives MSI GTX 960 4GB GDDR5