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  1. While agree that ranged classes need a way to generate threat it comes down to the raid group. I'm a Warlock and I'm tanking Asura with not too many issues. This is because my raid understands that my dps maybe be limited at times. So what we do is during the soulburn everyone runs minimal dps to allow me to get the threat and hold it. After that if I had to try hard to get orbs because of rng spawn issues I tell my raid group i'm not dpsing and everyone cuts back. Mostly everyone tries not to go over 120k unless I tell them its ok. Use your threat candies and get your raid group in line
  2. This is going to continually to be a problem as this is just a case of the big fish vs the little fish. Part of this problem is people are still trying to justify AP = player's skill and dps and in all reality it doesn't. DPS is influenced by crit chance, crit dmg, and elemental dmg AP believe it or not once over 900 just doesn't yield as much ie diminishing returns at least from my experience. With that being said some of you lower AP players do have to understand that some dungeons do require at least a certain level AP of the entire group to clear. I was on my alt yesterday she's a gunn
  3. First of all you can't judge a game by it's CBT to begin with. I've played the CBT and this is my opinion so far Pros: If you like the MMO trinity and Asian theme this is the game for you. It's a seamless open world as in no loading screens for changing zones only for dungeons. I can fly from one end of the map to the next with no loading screens. You can fly! Not glide but actually fly! Classes are more defined to specific tasks and well balanced i.e. Spiritshaper has low dps but incredible healing. Tons of content. You are rewarded for playing i.e
  4. Wow this is getting sad do you people have nothing better to do but to criticize someone's work and then say oh they are plagiarizing. From game to game I have seen the exact same styles of costume especially in these anime games. And this whole Alice plagiarism deal well the outfit is called Wonderland is it not. See this is why everything gets censored in the states is because of people like this. You automatically assume that its plagiarism and go through and create an elaborate story to say how it is plagiarism. Why can't you people just leave things alone and play the game as is. I
  5. I really don't see the problem with this change I think its better because when she started to dance around and run in her old outfit I thought they were going to tear from her chest at one point. Her old outfit was appealing to the eyes but every impractical and yes I understand this is game that is for mature players. I do hope that we see her original outfit in the future for us to be able to purchase as I have seen so many screen shots from KR that have it. As long as my current outfits/swimsuits that I paid money for don't get censored then I'm ok. Yes, it's sad to see Zulia's massive
  6. I'm really not sure why everyone thinks a server merge is a bad thing. If you honestly thought BnS was going to keep all its players for it's life you are sadly mistaken. The server merge A. is not really a merge but rather a merging of the instances that each server creates. B. if this was a true server merge we would still be down because when you merge servers you merge the databases. What they did was group the servers together via routing and probably some physical connections. For those that say the game is dying I wouldn't really say that it's a bit slow atm and is down from its re
  7. Confirmed this is the file causing the problem use the provided link from mediafire and just swap the "npgg9x.des" file. extract file from here
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