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Why can't I enter the Blackram Supply chain dungeon?


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So I recently turned into lvl 45 and completed all the available mainquests. Now I have the Yura's letter, but after reading it, I cant proceed, but that's with everyone right now, right?


My main wonder is that why cant I enter Blackram supply chain dungeon? It just says that "you do not meet the requirements for Belil" which is my character.


Someone else having this same problem? Am I missing something? Please halp? .__.

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On March 1, 2016 at 6:28 PM, Katchin said:

I havent been able to break through my weapon with the moonwater stones, since I dont have the ingredients yet. This process is gonna take forever before I can enter that dungeon, right? ;__;



No, you can still enter cross-server Dungeon by simply equipping the Dokumo Weapon from Skittering to a Halt dungeon. You swap back to Hongmoon afterwards.

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