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  1. What you said. I find what Dokdan the Sage said in Mushin's Tomb to be very close to what Master Hong wanted to teach you and to what Jinsoyun failed to realize. He said that vengeance makes us blind to problems of others. We thread on this path of vengeance and don't care for the suffering of others. What Jinsoyun does is trying to get this world rid of the Four Guardians, because she was wronged by them. She fails to see, though, that this causes suffering to everyone else around her. And she tries to explain this to herself by telling herself the world is a bad place anyway. AAH! Ye
  2. Whoa, there are many great characters in this game. I love Dodan's aide, I can't remember his name. Oh and Old Man Cho, he's just so funny, even though I found him repelling at first. From the Cinderlands, I though Gil was pretty funny (till he went all Mushin) and I found the love story between that Stratus General and the Earthseer (Beyun or sth was her name) quite nice. Oh and Yehara, she's such a bad-ass. Soha was really cool and Yuwol as well. Oh and little Opal, aww. Master Ik was definitely the best in MWP, what with his costumes, and roles and him trying o convince you that he's not Ik
  3. I would go with either this one (it does seem quite plausible, since the game states Yun isolate themselves from the world and are masters of art), the one stating them breeding with Gon males (since, well Asian mythology) or with the one that they bloom. Like, take some flower (lotus for example), make it 1000x bigger and when it blooms, a Yun comes out. Have fun with mental pictures.
  4. I am absolutely for it. Things like boobs really need some looking into. I mean, them jiggling like some sort of jelly is, while hilarious, also very creepy and unnatural. As for male chest, I play a Gon male and would certainly appreciate their masculinity, especially because they are not so well clothed as Jin or Lyn for example. Come to think of it, most of their costumes are open on the chest part and if you don't have nicely done boobs on that part, well, I certainly find the most attractive feature of my male character to be his face.
  5. I think you need to be a bit higher level for those quests to show up. My guess is around lvl 32.
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