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Why i got banned for no reason?!?!?


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Today i was playing in a dungeon when i got disconnected and i couldn't login later... then when i checked my email i realized that i was banned for no reason.

I didn't do anything wrong neither sell anything from the shop or something like that.

I always got wispered by spammers at anytime, before i got banned i even got 2 mails with 1 copper and spam from websites.

PLEASE, FIX THIS MISTAKE!! I want to play.

I can't even send a ticket from my main account to solve this, i made this account so i can post this topic to get an ANSWER.


Thanks in advance. Regards.


This message is to let you know that the NC account registered to this email address
and all associated game accounts have been permanently banned from our service

Details of the reason the ban can be found below:
Account: ******************
Account action: Permanent Closure
Reason: RMT: Selling
If you would like to appeal this ban,
please send us an email directly from this email address to support@ncsoft.com


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