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Dont waste money on transmuting costumes


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so it looks like it doesnt fail. it succeeds, but gives a piece of fabric instead of the box.


This doesnt work like any other transmute at all, which succeeds or fails. If it succeeds, it gives what it states. If it fails, it takes the mats in the bottom row.


In the costume, the bottom row is soulstones, 5 of them, top row is 4 fabric.


Unlike any other transmute, this always succeeds, BUT, it can give either the outfit box or a piece of fabric. By doing it this way it sneakily consumes the Fabric AND the soulstones.


This is shady AF.


This is ROBBERY. THIS IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER TRANSMUTE. We will see about consumer protection on this scam since fabric comes from RL money costumes, Im checking with my internet laws right now.


This cannot possibly be intended or legit.

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I still think it's odd it takes 20 Fabric to make a High Quality Fabric, yet Fabric costs 3-4 times as much.


Is this because of the achievement vendor in the level 50 patch trading costumes for High Quality Fabrics, and we don't have much other use for them right now?

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Here is what i dont understand, why is fabric like 6 or 7 gold? while u can get it easily.

you don't need to pay real money to get fabric.

you can easily get fabric with hongmoon coins, not Ncoin.

Yesterday i bought a costume that can be salvaged and i did not use my Ncoins.

the costume cost was in total 20 gold. it took me 2 days to get it.

you can do the same and get fabric at no cost at all.

it maybe take time but it was free.

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