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Extreme Graphics Lag


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Since the last update, I have been having extreme graphics lag when fighting in high density player areas, like around Pohoran in EFleet. 

I go in a party with my friend, during the fight, I cant even hit her, Everything just slows down to about 2 fps and even sticks sometimes.

When the fight is over on his screen, she is at 70% on my screen, and I can do nothing until I see she is dead on my screen.


Processor: AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core Processor

Card name: AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB

Memory: 16GB RAM


This only started to happen since the last update. I turn my graphics down to ALL! I cant even fight BlackWyrm, with 2 fps.

I sent in a ticket and tried everything they told me, but yet it seems like they cannot admit that it is most likely something they did and not my system.  All other games I play work fine.  Warframe, Tera, League of legends, Skyforge,  No problems in any of these games. I also tried the trick some people use with the disable of certain asus proseses for my motherboard... but I do not even have that.


Does anyone else have this problem since the last update?

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they are going to tell you its sounds like a graphics driver issue, it does not matter. tryed the last 6 nvidia drivers they all run the game the same.


the problem is when your around alot of people or around things attacking your GPU usage plummets. you might as well be playing on intergrated. 


your probably freezing too. its a very common problem that NCsoft is completely ignoring.


honestly when i heard NCsoft was gonna publish this game i knew it was gonna turn out somewhat like this, they have a pretty solid track record of stuff like this.

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