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Question for tech savvy players


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Hey guys! This has been bothering me for a couple days and I'm not as tech savvy as I would like so I had a question for those that are.


I'm trying to figure out why my computer cannot run Blackwyrm and drops to ridiculously low framerate during combat even around Nightshade Harbor. I'm not sure if I have crappy computer parts or what exactly is causing it :(.

I have:

Intel Core i7 5820K CPU @ 3.30ghz

16GB  of Ram

GeForce GTX 780 Graphics card


Any help on what could be the issue would be greatly appreciated, or if I didn't include crucial information I can provide it. At this point I really just want to enjoy every aspect of the game and I go from 120+ fps out of combat with everything maxed to hardly any FPS and freezing during combat with characters hidden and everything set on low.

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You are not the only one asking this question on this forum so I would suggest you to look through threads in the future. Might help you getting an answer much faster than asking the same question as countless other people.


Now, to answer your question. NO! The problem is not in your PC as people with brand new hardware have this issue. The problem is with the game. It's widely accepted opinion that GameGuard causes the game's instability, even though, I think the game is generally quite unstable and not intended for a large population of players. So yeah, you can either enjoy the game as it is right now, or maybe come back later when (or rather IF) it becomes stable.

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